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XR Unchained: Regional Rebellion

Here are more amazing photos from the bank holiday weekend. Thank you to all the rebels who put time, energy and love into making this weekend colourful and alive. Enjoy.

28 AUG | UK Wide

This message greeted drivers in Bath. Check this video for all the day’s XR Bath action.
Photo: James Bellinger

Like Rapunzel’s hair, only more political. This banner unfurled down Cardiff Castle.

A stunning banner drop at Clevedon Pier – an area predicted to flood annually by 2050.

29 AUG | Birmingham

Outside Midlands police headquarters and HS2 offices in Birmingham 

29 AUG | Bristol

A documentary about Shell & the Ogoni people of the Niger Delta, but on a building in Bristol. Photo: Simon Holliday

Circomedia’s Big Heads Street Performance highlights how a love of fossil fuel extraction can bring politicians together Photo: Colin Rayner

XR Rebel bees at Bristol Port Company’s car storage compound.

28 AUG | Truro, Cornwall

Rebels atoned for their climate sins by doing as the penitents did and heading to Truro cathedral for confession. Photos: James Pearce

29 AUG | Bournemouth

Rebel crime scene investigators on Boscombe Beach. Evidence was found linking oil executives to corrupt bankers and self-serving politicians. Let’s hope arrests are plentiful.  

29 AUG | Bromley   

Bromley badgers placed 200 pairs of children’s shoes outside Bromley Council’s offices, pinned a letter to their door, and then staged a sit-in to demand they declare a climate emergency. Photos: Billy Macrae

28 AUG | London

XR Families block an entrance to the Bank of England to protest the bailing out of airlines and shipping companies during the pandemic.

28 AUG | Cheltenham, Gloucestershire   

XR Gloucestershire took over Shire Hall, demanding Gloucester County Council divest their  pensions fund from all fossil fuel industries.

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