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Co-liberation and Justice in XRUK

The XR community in the UK has begun a process to ask deep questions about our demands and issues relating to justice. There have been lots of groups and individuals active in furthering these conversations and the project, Justice within XR UK (combining two working groups, XR UK Rebel Hive Justice and XR Co-Liberation Project) is in motion. We are also aware of all the work of our affinity groups and local groups, asking important questions about oppression, justice and solidarity.  We want to thank all rebels for their open hearted responses.

The project will be led by a Steering Group of individuals representing BIPOC groups and marginalised voices. The teams are conscious that this is not a question that has a quick or simple “solution”. Centuries of history have embedded oppression within our culture and this will need careful untangling as we embrace the work of building a global movement based on solidarity and co-creation. 

The project is fully committed to a process of uncovering the systemic agreements that will transform our collective capacity and help us to address our responsibility to confront and unlearn the violence of racism and oppression to work towards our co-liberation and power-fullness. 

The steering group will commence this important work on the week of the 10th August and are seeking collaboration with rebels across the movement and key decision making circles. There will be more updates on the co-liberation work as it unfolds, and we have created an open document to enable tracking of the project which will also be shared soon.

If you have information or an issue that you consider relevant to this process, please send a short statement to Guardianship & Visioning Circle at with the subject-heading “CC Process”.

If you would like to be a part of these efforts or would like more information, please contact us on  Or text 07939 044386.

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