'HS2 Ltd: We see you' - Statement on the endangerment of protesters at Denham Park - Extinction Rebellion UK

‘HS2 Ltd: We see you’ – Statement on the endangerment of protesters at Denham Park

Over the last few days many of us have been watching with alarm at the situation unravelling at the HS2 protection camp at Denham Country Park, Uxbridge, West London. 

Outside of the London-centric media view, protestors, many of them young people in their teens acting out of conscience and grave concern for their future, have been recklessly put at risk by HS2 hired security staff and the police. 

At the end of this week after a tense standoff, the National Eviction Team, part of the High Court Enforcement Group hired by HS2 Ltd, cut the safety climbing ropes of two protesters, causing them to fall 20 feet from the trees into a shallow chalk stream, in view of several police officers and emergency services staff. 

Both of these courageous activists are members of HS2 Rebellion and a part of the XR family, one of them a member of XR Youth. We are sending them our love, strength and solidarity during this time and hope they are unharmed. 

It is becoming clear that HS2 Ltd are intensifying their pursuit of peaceful activists as the country’s attention is focused on the pandemic and a looming economic crisis. Their total disregard for people’s safety is being demonstrated again and again.  

To HS2 Ltd: we see you. We see what is happening outside of the view of scrutiny and implore you to stop this madness. Peaceful protesters are being put at risk and it is only a matter of time until someone gets badly hurt. You must be held accountable for your reckless endangerment of people to whom you have a duty of care.

To the government: we once again urge you to stop causing irreparable harm to precious woodland in the midst of a climate and ecological emergency you are legally obliged to act upon. It is time HS2 was scrapped and instead use the money to improve and invest in the NHS and local infrastructure projects that adapt to the reality we face in the pandemic and the Climate and Ecological Emergency.

To those reading this, we urge you, if you are able, to support those standing against HS2 throughout the UK in any way you can. If you can go to a camp, please do. If you can call your MP and let them know what is happening to activists there, please do. 

Visit https://hs2rebellion.earth/camp-locations/ for camp locations and how to get there, or https://hs2rebellion.earth/online-actions/ for how to take action online. 

If you would like to donate to support the protection camps you can do so here. 

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