Further clarity on XRUK and the Beyond Politics party - Extinction Rebellion UK

Further clarity on XRUK and the Beyond Politics party

Following actions this week at Amnesty, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and Christian Aid by the new political party, Beyond Politics, XRUK would like to restate that Beyond Politics are a separate organisation and not a part of Extinction Rebellion. 

We also would like to be clear that Roger Hallam no longer has a formal role in XRUK. 

We would also like to clarify that members of Extinction Rebellion are welcome to be part of other parties and groups but must not use XR resources for these purposes.

It is clear that many are frustrated by what happened this week, many also supportive. We would like to encourage everyone to continue focusing energy towards building for a rebellion in September that is arguably our most important yet. We will need all of our strength and courage when we head to Parliament and the government will need all of our collective frustration aimed at them if we are to get the results we so desperately need.

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