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Transforming the Global Financial System, with Ann Pettifor – Best of Rebel Radio (1)

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Welcome to a new Extinction Rebellion Podcast series: The Best of Rebel Radio. Here we take some of the wonderful content coming out of Rebel Radio and edit it into a podcast so you can listen again whenever you like.

For our first Best of Rebel Radio Podcast, hosts Sue Wheat and Seb O’Connell speak to Ann Pettifor about the global financial system and how international and historical decision making have prioritised the rich and corporations over people and planet. As a result, climate change and ecological breakdown are intrinsically connected to our economic and financial systems. These systems need to be changed if we stand any chance of preventing climate and ecological catastrophe.

Sue and Seb also speak to Hilary Powell and Dan Edelstyn about the social injustice of our monetary system and how they are trying to raise awareness and create change through their community project The Bank Job, which Ann Pettifor herself has visited.

Ann Pettifor is a political economist and author whose latest book The Case for the Green New Deal, is a plan to re-imagine the economy to protect life on earth. She is currently a director of Policy Research in Macroeconomics (PRIME). Ann is also well-known for predicting the global financial crisis of 07-08 and spearheading the historic Jubilee 2000 campaign.

Artist Hilary Powell and filmmaker/musician Dan Edelstyn are creators of the Optimistic Foundation. Their latest film, ‘The Bank Job’, is a community driven feature, participatory bank and playful act of economic education and change. Through radical imagination, they seek to open up possibilities for more just ways of organising and living when everyday life and democracy are corroded.

Correction: at the end of the podcast, we refer to next episode’s guest as Helena Norberg. Her name is Helena Norberg-Hodge, and we apologise for the error.

You can view Extinction Rebellion’s three demands here.

Presenters – Sue Wheat and Seb O’Connell

Producers – Marijn van de Geer and Michaela

Social Media Producer – Kary Stewart

Sound Engineer & Mixing – Michaela

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