Extinction Rebellion UK is out of funds, not out of steam.

Like many other groups, Extinction Rebellion UK has faced a dramatic changes in how it can work and fundraise during the Covid-19 outbreak. We have not been able to take our rebellion to the streets and have had to pause some of our activities.

The situation is that we have temporarily run out of funds to pay for new activities, premises or future living expenses for volunteers.

We have delivered so much with the funds we have had so far, going from nothing to becoming the most influential climate justice movement in the world within 18 months. We’ve built a powerful global partnership and continue to build links with other movements- joining together to drive forward global action on the climate and ecological emergency.

Covid-19 has further exposed the cracks in our destructive system, the world cannot go back to ‘business as usual’. We must build a better future. We will organise, fundraise, find new and creative ways forward. In short- we will continue to rebel. We will Rebel for life.

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