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#AloneTogether – Regenerative Rebellion in the Time of Coronavirus


This is a world-changing moment. As coronavirus takes hold of our day to day lives, the way we organise and support each other will change. We will lose much we hold dear.

This calls for an evolution – not a shelving – of our rebellion. This is a time to remember what we are rebelling for – a thriving and just world of regenerative cultures that can weather crises, foster cooperation and look after each other on a global scale. 

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That is why today, as part of the response to coronavirus, Extinction Rebellion UK is offering AloneTogether, a Regenerative Rebellion built around:

  • Personal and community wellbeing
  • Mutual aid, community resilience, care and outreach
  • Actions and mobilisation
  • Tell the truth
  • Community democracy

We are living through an emergency response that shows us things can be done differently. The possibility is opening up to make the necessary and urgent changes to respond to the intersecting global crises – financial, health, climate and ecological – creating a world where life can thrive.

We can be part of this emergency response, holding to our goals, demands and strategy.

We are still connected. We are #AloneTogether.

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The #AloneTogether Handbook: Regenerative Resources in a Time of Coronavirus

Thousands are mobilising – including many from Extinction Rebellion – meeting the coronavirus crisis in communities with compassion, creativity and mutual aid. 

We’ve created the #AloneTogether Handbook as part of our response. It contains a growing number of resources about building personal and community resilience. You’ll find access to 1-2-1 support options, wellbeing tips plus a programme of online events including webinars, trainings, workshops and listening spaces. Tune in for more!

Click here for PDF, plus here for the evolving online document

Tell the Truth

Our 2020 strategy (long version here) is about highlighting deep systemic problems in our democracy, media and economy. This is not a time for silence, nor to give business as usual free reign. With sensitivity and determination, we will continue to tell the truth. We encourage anyone with information unknown to the public to visit our whistle-blower gateway TruthTeller.Life.

When there are shocks in society, governments – captured by vested interests – have been known to use emergencies to make toxic policy changes and erode democracy. We cannot allow the few to use this as an opportunity to cash in or bury bad news. Too much is at stake.

It’s time to be bold and hold a bigger regenerative vision of change. There is a better way than business as usual, one which values life. It isn’t for Extinction Rebellion to lay claim to this vision. That’s why we are calling for a Global Citizens Assembly to focus on systemic issues.

Actions and Mobilisation

In the coming months, the actions we take – and the stories we tell through those actions – will need to respond to the crisis we’re in with empathy, while continuing to find creative and compelling ways to critique our fragile human systems, and vision alternatives.

The current legal position regarding protest law is the same as before the pandemic. However, we are expecting police and authorities to be granted new powers – which as yet are unclear – for arrest and detainment in response to the coronavirus situation.

There are useful things we can do right now: support existing campaigns and regroup to think about how we grow in numbers, strength, resilience and unity. We can reimagine what actions might mean in these changed circumstances and plan future actions for when the time is right. For information on campaigns to support, and guidelines for designing actions during the pandemic, including re-thinking NVDA, please read these guidelines.

A message from Doctors for Extinction Rebellion:

“We all have a responsibility to do what we can to reduce the spread of this disease and to support ourselves and our communities through physical isolation and distancing. Whilst quarantine and isolation measures are incredibly important for all of our sakes, we urge people to stay connected through online meetings, chats, games and exercise in nature. 

“Look after yourself, your friends, family, elders and those around you and follow current medical guidelines. We know you care and want to continue mobilising around the climate and ecological emergency; that momentum within the movement has been growing and the desire to look after planetary health in the global community is strongly felt.”

Do forward this email to friends and family.  Stay safe. Stay connected. #AloneTogether

Thank you

As we launch AloneTogether, our Regenerative Rebellion, we’ll continue to demand truth and action, support local groups to grow, and care for each other with courage & compassion – while we prepare to take to the streets again when the time is right. We know not everyone will be able to give right now, but if you can help us sustain XR UK, visit rebellion.earth/donate.

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