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Rebel Radio: Emergency Panel

Exploring the effects of the climate and ecological emergency on institutions and the pillars of civilisation that we tend to take for granted. Food, fashion and health, amongst others, are discussed, with expert opinion shining a spotlight on the problems and possible solutions.

International Women’s Week

Women face higher risks from the impacts of #climatechange. Yet their local knowledge and empathetic leadership means that they play a critical role in the success for climate-related projects and policies. In the lead up to #InternationalWomensDay, Bel Jacobs talks to Farah Ahmed of Julies Bicycle, Hiba Ahmad from Global Justice Now and Claire Barnett, executive director of UN Women about why #women are the secret weapon to tackling climate change.

How to Fix Fashion

As UK designers start to gear up for the first of the London Fashion Weeks 2020, Bel Jacobs hosts a panel asking how, really, can we fix fashion? Do boycotts and pledges work? How effective are industry-led initiatives? How can we change a culture predicated on consumption? Will the British Fashion Council ever cancel London Fashion Week? Blogger Aja Barber, Guardian writer Lauren Bravo and Extinction Rebellion co-founder Clare Farrell offer their views.


Emergency Panel NHS with Bel Jacobs featuring Dr Alex Armitage, Paediatric Emergency Medicine Registrar, Co-founder, Doctors for XR; Nian Li, medical student at Barts and the London and climate activist; Jack Milln, clinical scientist working between NHS Barts Health and @MRC_Uganda


Emergency Panel Food with Bel Jacobs featuring Maddy Harland Permaculture Magazine, Natasha James Campaigns Manager for Compassion in World Farming and Dagan James Co- Founder Farmers For XR

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