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Rebel Radio Special: Dark Waters

Anna and Danny speak with Rob Bilott, the heroic lawyer who took on corporate giant DuPont after they poisoned an American town with toxic chemical waste, and discuss the prevalence of forever chemicals in our everyday lives and the systemic problems behind environmental degradation.

‘The system is rigged.
They want us to think it protects us, but that is a lie.
We protect us, we do, nobody else.
Not the companies, not the scientists, not the government.
– Dark Waters

This is the real life story of Rob Bilott, a rebel who put his heart and soul to take on a corporate giant that was poisoning the residents and livestock of a nearby town for decades.

Does this story sound familiar?

This is a story of Ecocide. This could be just as easily Exxon, BP or any of the giant corporations who are putting profits before wellbeing and regeneration.

This is the reason we rebel.

The movie is out on 28th February and presents Rebels with a great outreach opportunity. To find out more and to get the kit go here.

To find out more on PFAS and to sign the petition against them go here.

Do you know something that we don’t? If you have insider information, however small, anonymously disclosing what you know could be your courageous contribution at this historic moment. Visit

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