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Rebel Radio: Our Positive Future

Highlighting the optimists of the world brimming with solutions to the climate and ecological emergency. From rewilding and regenerative farming to clean energy for all, these individuals share their visions of a healthier world.

Supporting Our Young People – 28/02/2020

How do we guide and protect young people through the #ClimateCrisis?

Join the discussion with host Sue Wheat & guests Clover Hogan, a 20 year old climate activist, founder of Force of Nature and researcher on eco-anxiety & psychology of agency; Michael Landers from; Rebecca Tully from; and David Smith from Also interviews with climate psychologist Dr Per Espen Stoknes.

2040 – 27/11/2019

Sue Wheat interviews Damon Gameaux, the producer and star of the new film 2040, with Jeffrey Douglass from Scientists for XR. 2040 imagines a future Guardian Review

Dealing with Climate Emergency at Scale & Speed – 20/12/2019

Sue Wheat is joined by Libby Davy from Regenerative Communities Network and Alethea Warrington and Sarah Barfield Marks from Possible – getting inspiration from communities around the world who are making positive changes at scale. Also featuring Paul Allen from Zero Carbon Britain at COP25.

Regenerative Farming Part 1 – 10/01/2020

Sue Wheat with Zoe Miles from OrganicLea Community Growers, Thalia Carr and Abby Rose from Farmerama.

Regenerative Farming Part 2 – 31/01/2019

Stockfree, animal free, veganic, organic, forest farming – we get to grips with the future of farming speaking to people who farm and are demonstrating positive solutions to help with the climate and ecological emergency.

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