Extinction Rebellion UK: Remembering Iggy (Raphaël Coleman) who died on 6 Feb 2020. - Extinction Rebellion UK

Extinction Rebellion UK: Remembering Iggy (Raphaël Coleman) who died on 6 Feb 2020.

Iggy Fox, you will be missed and remembered. It has been an honour and a privilege to have known you, even if it was all too brief. 

You were a true warrior, who tirelessly worked on behalf of others, on behalf of all life. You had the fire of youth and a wisdom that belied your age. The world has lost one of its fiercest and most dedicated defenders. 

Our thoughts are with Iggy’s family and friends at this time.

Iggy died as he lived: trying to make the world a better place, training to stop poachers in Africa and surrounded by trees and people who cared about him.

Iggy was always so full of passion for life. For ecological and social justice, Indigenous rights, “for the wild”, as he liked to say. And of course for vegan flapjacks. 

Iggy brought so much to Extinction Rebellion. Despite being only 25, Iggy had a great impact on the movement from being arrested partaking in many actions, taking charge of our social media, to being a highly engaging presenter and interviewer on XR UK livestreams, to creating compelling photography and videography of actions which always captured the moment. All this and so much more.

Iggy’s future was so bright and to think that it is over breaks our hearts. We are in mourning but we are also celebrating his life – which he lived so fully. His stories, his scientific knowledge, his dancing, his wry smile. 

Iggy hasn’t completely left us: he shines on in us all. In the memories, the joy and the laughter, jaguars and hammocks, and his project “up, up and away”. We’ll miss you Iggy, but reading the tributes we’ve been collecting, it’s clear that your light, your fire will never truly go out. We will continue your work, for the wild.

We are holding a tribute to Iggy this Thursday in London, so that those that knew him can come together in our grief and in celebration of his life. Gathering from 6pm at the Brazilian Embassy, all are welcome to attend. We ask that any media in attendance be respectful of our loss.

In Iggy’s words:https://rebellion.earth/2020/02/07/this-is-why-i-rebel/

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