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Rediscovering our love for nature

Nature is in trouble – and her cries are largely falling on deaf ears. Yes, there are vast numbers fighting the good fight, being nature’s voice in this bizarre, worrying time. Inevitably, there are also vast numbers who aren’t, can’t, won’t… Those who need a little more encouragement to the idea that nature is essential, utterly wonderful – and in danger.

In my little sphere, this is what I am trying to do. I’m a zoologist and science communicator, trying to bring nature to new audiences in fun and haphazard ways. A big fan of celebrating the wildlife on our doorstep, I focus on British wildlife and landscapes. Seagulls, worms, crabs, robins and ants are the champions of my world. Loyal to my millennial self, I am good chums with social media – but it’s a fantastic platform through which to channel your mission, meet like-minded people, and reach new people. To flood the grid with beaver-gnawed willow stumps, starling murmurations, an evening stroll to see the sunset. Just to make nature a bit more of a part of life – something to fall in love with.

I’m a big believer that many people truly care about the planet and its wildlife.

People also protect what they love. Your dog, your phone, your family; that corner of the room with the best wifi. With that in mind, I try to present the natural world in a way that captures the innate affection that we all have for it, but that sometimes gets lost and needs a bit of coaxing back. Then, once you’ve captured the attention of people, you can hit them with the hard stuff. Because, once people love something, they’re unlikely to stop anytime soon.

Sophie Pavelle, aged 25

Instagram: @sophiepavs Twitter: @SPavelle

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