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Finding my blue sky

Where is my blue sky? Where are my friends with wings? Where have all the foxes gone? Where have all the big trees disappeared, and oceans missing their fins?

The answer lies within all of us. We are all sitting on our sofas irrespective of race, creed, gender… We are all responsible for their disappearance…

From the morning tooth brushing to our non stop mobile phone usage… We all are responsible. We are dependent on consumerism.

Everything that we humans use comes directly from nature, whether the iron from mountains, or plastic from fossil fuels.

Now due to overpopulation and over-consumption, the demands are high but nature’s resources are limited.

So then what do we humans do? We inject our cows so that our high demand for milk is met… We inject our vegetables so they look ‘pretty’.

This is not the answer. Nor are the industries that form the backbone of our economy. These industries don’t give back, they just take so much that it exhausts the ecology to the extent that our food, water, and air comes under risk.

‘Forests are our lungs and home to so many creatures. They should be considered sacred’

Forests are our lungs and home to so many creatures. They should be considered sacred. A tree is more than just wood. A tree is the reason we are alive today.

Today I see people cutting trees in the name of highways. I ask them, why? They reply: development. This concrete development is taking away our lives in the form of deforestation, mining, carbon emissions, animal agriculture.

Remember we are part of ecology, not economy. Economy is only the byproduct.


Aanchal Sharma is a dentist in India

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