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Dear Readers,

When The Hourglass newspaper was launched last autumn, there was a desperate need for climate reporting in the press. Since then we’ve seen significantly more reporting, however, perhaps somewhat predictably given the slow erosion of democracy in Britain over the last decade, some news outlets have embraced climate reporting with a subtle denial angle; not necessarily touting outright climate denial (because this is now so sorely frowned upon generally), but by sowing seeds of doubt in their readers’ minds, or by moving the conversation away from where it needs to be.

Doubt is a powerful tool because it fuels inaction. Redirecting the conversation toward false solutions also leads to a lack of significant action.

Climate reality means that one in four mammals in the UK faces extinction – and the same report found that 41% of species have experienced decline since 1970. British wildlife is on its way out. Imagine a future where ‘biodiversity’ has dropped out of common language use. A world without hedgehogs and butterflies. A garden without the sound of birdsong. That’s the reality we are facing.

Thankfully, we can still think for ourselves. Research has found that most people are not climate deniers – as many as 95% believe in anthropogenic climate change to some degree. This is true in spite of the fact that so much media has become a propagandic mouthpiece for the government, aimed at maintaining the status quo in order to continue with the economic model of infinite growth on a finite planet.

There’s no limit to what climate reporting can look like. It’s up to us to direct the conversation, and now is the time for solutions. Whether through engaging people with nature like young writers Alfie and Sophie on p8, or spreading a love for rewilding like Dita and James on p11, ordinary people are leading the way.

This issue, we welcome Professor Rupert Read to The Hourglass as a regular contributor (p12), and on p7 earth defender Freeman writes about HS2 and the damage it is set to do to our countryside.

Climate breakdown is arguably the biggest threat humanity has ever faced, and is certainly the most pressing issue of our time. We can talk about Brexit until the cows come home, as the saying goes, but the ultimate ‘exit’ will be our own, from the only known habitable planet in the universe, if we don’t act now to prevent climate breakdown.

The only thing left to decide is what part you will choose to play.

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