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Dear Readers,

We’re back in the ’20s but the ‘roaring’ aspect of the decade isn’t so great; literal fires have been raging across Australia, killing over half a billion animals, while flooding in Jakarta in Indonesia has left tens of thousands of people homeless.

Meanwhile, world leaders deny the new climate reality, and fail to act to bring down emissions and global temperatures. It doesn’t look like 2020 will be the year of clear-sightedness that the world so desperately needs.

We have to stop and ask ourselves – who made the world this way?

Humans are a strange species: we have the ability of foresight, but spend so much of our time teaching ourselves not to use it. Refugee children washed up on a beach, look away. Baby kangaroos frozen in time, made of ash, burned to cinders, look away. People living in camps, in poverty…

We look away because we feel helpless, in a world that wants us to believe that we are helpless.

But looking away won’t change a thing.

It takes courage to face the world we have built. It’s heartbreaking to watch the world burning, drowning, dying, but when you dare to face it with your eyes wide open, although it hurts, it awakens something too. Compassion. Resolve to do better. The call to protect. This is the fire that the world needs right now.

The world needs more defenders, guardians who protect life on this planet, to arise. We need you to use your voice. We need your fire.

I see you feeling helpless, feeling weak, but you are not. We adapted, we thrived. We crawled out of the oceans to grow, to birth, to tend land, to nurture and protect, to marvel at the beauty of the universe. It’s in your genes, it’s in in your veins. It’s in your DNA to adapt and survive.

If you’re reading this, you have a part to play. We may be alive right now to see the end of times. The fires raging around the world now are only the beginning of the climate chaos that is to come. As world leaders show cowardice, ordinary people the world over show the courage we need to adapt to this new climate reality.

There is fire that burns and destroys, and there is fire that cleanses and heals.

Looking away is no longer an option. We are nature defending itself.

Love and Rebellion

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