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Denmark Makes Climate Action Law

Friday 6 December 2019 saw an important victory in the battle to address the climate and ecological crisis. Denmark’s new Climate Act will entirely revamp Denmark’s climate policy by law, and thrust it onto the world’s centre stage by showcasing the only effective political solution: changing the system itself.

Eight out of the ten parties in the Danish Parliament agreed on the new national Climate Act that mandates binding targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70 per cent (compared to the 1990 level). The target date for tangible reductions is 2030.

In a world-first, Danish law requires consideration of methane gas, consumption, and imported emissions along with CO2. Denmark has also eliminated carbon credits, and a new expert body of climate scientists will be placed with the newly formed Climate Council. They and the Climate Minister must annually submit to a parliamentary progress review.

The first of two five year plans of action are now being developed for approval. A new Committee for the Green Transformation will also ensure that climate considerations are taken into account in every major political decision, and will include thirteen climate partnerships with Denmark’s leading private sector organizations. The aim of this historic legislation is a path to sustainable solutions of the future.

Danish law requires it to take a leadership role in international climate engagement. Every year it will present to the world its Climate Action Programmes that showcase concrete political initiatives to decarbonize every Danish civic sector.

Minister for Climate, Dan Jørgensen, said “We hope Denmark can inspire other countries to follow suit.”


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