In the Geography GCSE, climate change is often a stand-alone topic about possible causes. Carrying out a quick analysis of science courses shows that the AQA GCSE Physics course doesn’t mention climate change once, Biology mentions it once, and Chemistry uses the term nine times with a focus on greenhouse gases. The language used by these courses is ambiguous and about possible causes and future impacts, lacking a sense of urgency and the impact on people’s lives today.

To better teach the climate and ecological emergency, I developed a series of 14 Climate Breakdown lessons with associated teaching materials that use the most up-to- date science. These can be used to challenge misconceptions around the climate crisis, and employ a critical perspective to explore broad societal questions. The lessons use enquiry questions to explore ideas of energy, travel and diet.

The broad aim of the project is to challenge the teaching of climate change
in schools, and enable teachers to better develop students’ knowledge and understanding to affect positive change. The resources have been accessed more than 5000 times. They are available here:

Please challenge your local school to use the resources to teach climate truth.


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