We live in a strange world where nuanced discussion of important topics is typically sacrificed in favour of reductionist bickering, with extremist leaders and the media at large pitting the most extreme views against each other to boost ratings.

The BirthStrike message, calling for collective action and a just, systemic- level response to our environmental and social crises, is being white-washed by incorrect and divisive reporting that associates our movement with ‘over-population’ and its historical connection to ideas like eugenics and genocide. This irresponsible and dangerous reporting encourages judgemental ‘footprint’ comparisons and shrouds the real issues such as consumption, inequality and social justice. If we are to succeed in avoiding the climate catastrophe we must avoid this divide and rule approach and unite on the street – with humility and willingness to help each other change deeply.

BirthStrike is not campaigning about population or for population reduction. Our wealth is linked to our consumption and our power, and our planet consists of a rich 10% creating all the issues with the power to fix them, vs a poor 90% contributing little to the problems yet receiving the majority of the consequences.

Like the ecological crisis as a whole this conversation about babies is big and messy – it challenges and triggers sexism, racism and xenophobia; and people come from all kinds of different angles, experiences and levels of understanding.

Finally, our global population is likely to be decimated by the consequences of our inaction on the crisis in the next century anyway. Please pause to let this sink in.


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