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A Regenerative Resistance

“We are far more united and have far more in common with each other than things that divide us” – Jo Cox

Today dawns a new political era in the UK. We recognise that rebels will be feeling a lot after what we saw as the most important election ever in the UK for the planet we hold so dear. Today is also a reminder of our mission to go beyond party politics. Beyond a system which has brought the planet to its knees. For us nothing has changed today. We are still committed to fighting for this planet and to bring about the whole system change that is needed. Our reason for existing is stronger than ever.

The anger and grief that we feel towards the disregard of natural world is ours to use and help bring about positive change to the systems destroying our planet. 

However, it is also a time for reflection and a moment to root into our community power and support one another, spending time with those we hold dear, knowing our potential to mobilise with a deeper level of clarity and purpose than what has come before.

We have the power and energy that comes from being part of a movement united in a common cause. We are alive, tender, chaotic and messy, bound by a fierce call to protect this planet and those that live upon it. It is essential that we learn, adapt and grow, quicker than we ever thought possible. It is time to seek out practices that bring us together, to become more disciplined, focused, and connected in our  response to this climate and ecological emergency. Together, if we stay grounded to our purpose, we will find a way through.

Remember to  meet people where they are, meet those that oppose us, that might not understand our tactics or why we disrupt. These difficult and compassionate conversations have the potential to generate ripples that can become waves. Reflect on what it means to meet separation in our communities with compassion and non-violence. Ask how those of us with privilege, can hold those who are truly at risk?

Compassion is rebellion. When our story relies on spreading disinformation in order to control, telling the truth isn’t only a rebellious act but a powerful germination of a new story. The emerging story that spans self, action, interpersonal relationships, our communities, people and planet. It is time to move beyond our differences and figure out how we can embody these regenerative values of caring for ourselves, others and the natural living world. 

To our dearest rebels, please remember to take great care over the next few days, especially for those of you who went straight from the October Rebellion on to the Election Rebellion campaign. Make use of the resources available through Extinction Rebellion’s Regenerative Culture team.

If you feel like this movement is needed now more than ever then please consider donating and supporting this movement’s ability to thrive.

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