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Update on process regarding Roger Hallam

Following Roger Hallam’s recent comments in Die Zeit and Der Spiegel concerning the Holocaust, a process, with experienced facilitation support, has been opened to look at what happened and decide upon the most suitable course of action. 

The process is being carried out in order to safeguard our Principles & Values and the Purpose, Mission and Aims of XR. Representatives from XR UK’s Transformative Conflict & Justice Systems, Guardianship & Visioning, Connecting Communities and Feedback & Learning Culture teams are collaborating to guide this process, and will directly speak to many of our Principles & Values.

The intention is to have the first significant part of the process completed by 16 December. The aim is for all persons to be equally and fairly heard under a transparent, fair and pragmatic process for restoring balance in the XR body – and to ensure that those feeling the most marginalised feel safe enough to participate fully in the process. In 2020 XR UK will continue to consider the underlying issues behind this particular incident. 

Within the next week, we will communicate further information about the details of the process. It will consider, but not be limited to, the following aspects:

  • How the comments themselves have affected individuals, communities and the wider XR movement
  • The intention of Roger Hallam to highlight what he considers to be the ongoing climate genocide by comparing the Holocaust with the climate and ecological emergency
  • How XR UK responded to the situation
  • Notions of ‘responsibility’, ‘autonomy’ and ‘decentralisation’ in XR UK and how power is used

On the understanding that the process that is considering the direct effect of the Holocaust comments is complete by 16 December, Roger Hallam has, as an interim measure, agreed to pause all media appearances, both in representation of XR and in a personal capacity. We thank him for listening to the concerns of many in regards to this. 

Over the last two weeks a heated debate has been opened within the movement. Whatever your personal view around Roger Hallam’s comments or other persons or circles implicated in the events, each one of us is responsible for the collective, so we have a responsibility to treat each other with love, respect and kindness at all times. From that perspective, we ask for your support in reducing specific risks that are emerging in the XR social media spaces in particular.  

The decisions made during this process are important for the future of the movement and we want to get this right. In order to take into account the many differences of opinion on the course of events, we ask for your patience and trust at this time.

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