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DAY 4: Meet the humans of Extinction Rebellion


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London. We Owe You an Apology (Video)

DAY 4: Meet the humans of Extinction Rebellion

As we hit over 1000 arrests, camps and blockades continue in Trafalgar Square and Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens.

Let’s take a moment to meet the ordinary people from all walks of life, many of them grandparents, who have come together because non-violent disruption is the only tactic that will get the attention from our elected representatives that climate breakdown and annihilation of species so urgently needs.

So please, step in and meet the humans of Extinction Rebellion. We are all crew:

Members of XR Peace locked on in Trafalgar Square 11 October
From left to right: Eric Levy, 92, great-grandfather from Mornington Crescent, Sylvia Boyes, 75, grandmother of 6, Brian Larkin, 59, grandfather of one.
Brian Larkin said: “Lying her under this sycamore makes me think about a tree exactly like this that was in my yard when I was a kid. You could see from Pennsylvania to New Jersey. When I was up there one time a big flock of starlings went overhead, they filled the skies. I have a grandkid who’s eleven. A month ago, there was a report about the loss of birdlife. 70% of birds have been lost since I was that age. If my grandkid climbed that tree, he’d see hardly any birds. That’s when I knew I had to come and act.”
(photo credit: Arkadiusz Kasperczyk)
Hilary Toope, retired headteacher and her partner Tony Harris arrested at Downing Street having spent a cold, wet night holding the front line without tents, toilets or warm clothing (photo credit: Tim Webster)
“I have three grandchildren. I’ve been involved in other things and they don’t work. Extinction Rebellion is a remarkable force with non-volience and civil disobedience at it’s heart. We are the last hope. I’ve never been arrested before but now I’d do it again, I’m prepared to do pretty much anything”
Lyra, 10, with mum Gabi and baby Ami, aged 2. The three travel in from Sydenham every day. Lyra has started the Lion Club at school and invites other children to join her in protecting the future of animals and children
(photo credit: Maximus Richardson)
Pat, 66, retired medical researcher, member of Hammersmith & Fulham XR, currently locked onto a bathtub in Trafalgar Square
“I would rather be in my warm bed, but I’m camping out for the sake of the future”
(photo credit: Alannah Travers)
Two members of the Alevi Foundation on Trafalgar Square, 11 October
“Our faith teaches us that every living being has the same rights to be on this planet as us and we have to respect that. Also, we like to rebel!”
(photo credit: Mathis Duhrsen)
Jane, 61, XR Peace Grandparents, also locked on in Trafalgar Square
“I recently held my newborn grandson in my arms and I thought this grandmother is going to do everything she can.
We knew years ago that this was coming but we didn’t manage to get people to take notice. But now! This is the right place to be, right here in the road.
I’ve been arrested twice this week and I will do whatever me and my little body can.

(photo credit: Bec Booey)

Coming up:
Friday 12 October: XR Writers Rebel 40 Top Writers in support of Extinction Rebellion at Trafalgar Square

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