Boris Johnson, we know you love us. - Extinction Rebellion UK

Boris Johnson, we know you love us.

Boris Johnson’s depiction of us as “uncooperative crusties” makes us smile.

It’s not the Boris Johnson we know. He cried last week when Extinction Rebellion Activists sang to him in Chequers. You can read about it here.

He comes from a family of committed environmentalists. His father came out in support of Extinction Rebellion, his partner is a vocal advocate for urgent action on the ecological and climate emergency. They are part of the growing movement of everyday people who are deeply worried about our safety in the face of Ecological and Climate Emergency.

He did get one thing right. We are uncooperative. The mums, doctors, lawyers, builders and crusties that make up Extinction Rebellion will continue to rebel and make great sacrifices until his Government takes action on our three demands.

We can provide interviews, pictures, testimonials from all of our everyday rebels so the public can see the real face of the emergency.

On day two of Rebellion, we are blockading Government Departments because existing policies won’t avert the danger we face.

So Boris, we have a simple question: what is your plan?

Contact Ronan Harrington (07415476379) for further comment and Jessie (07976953566) to interview our everyday rebels.

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