Uni Dropouts: A message from XR Youth - Extinction Rebellion UK

Uni Dropouts: A message from XR Youth

Across the UK, many University students have decided to step out of mainstream education to work full within the climate movement. These decisions have not been made lightly and many have had to give up the dreams they once had for their future out of fear for not having one. Dancers, Photographers, Marine Biologists and so many other passions sacrificed to make space for this fight.

This is wrong.

Young people should not have been pushed to make these decisions whilst governments carry on with business as usual, whilst fossil companies don’t sacrifice a penny to make way for a more liveable planet. Young people are the future of this planet, they have inherited the damage done and are now utilising their youth, freedom and the power of their voice to call for change.

And these are the reasons why.

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