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Video: My World was Blown Apart and Brought Together at The Same Time

Ele Waters, 46, from Liskeard Cornwall runs a natural burial site and is building her own off-grid home in a permaculture community. She is pleading not guilty after being arrested in April.

“I’ve been a permaculturist now for 26 years, and we’ve planted 21,000 trees, we set up a natural burial site, we live off-grid, built our own house. Feeling really good about it. But then the IPCC report came out and I realised that what we were doing was great, but it was not enough to make the change needed in the time we have left.

So I went to an Extinction Rebellion talk and it just blew my world apart and brought it together at the same time. Because I suddenly became part of a movement that was making it seem possible that we could – if we come together with the power and the passion that we feel for the people and the place where we live – bring the changes that we need to see.

So I came to the rebellion in April, to be on that Heartline and feel supported by people singing to me, chanting with me, supporting me every step of the way. Even the police were actually very supportive and very lovely, the arrest was completely peaceful.

I am here outside the court now having just received my trial date. I pleaded not guilty because I do not feel I am the guilty party – and it just feels so well supported. Extinction Rebellion is an incredible organisation where you never feel on your own.”

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