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Court Dispatches

During the April Rebellion, over 1,000 people were arrested. Teachers and tradesmen, doctors and carers, gardeners and psychotherapists, teenagers and grandparents: Ordinary people of every age from every walk of life, and from around the country helped sound the alarm on the climate and ecological crisis. 

Nearly all of those people are now being prosecuted through the magistrates courts, with many pleading not guilty and trials set to take place through to January and beyond. 

A number of others who committed more serious offences – disrupting a Docklands Light Railway train, shattering a window at Shell’s HQ – are awaiting trial before a jury in the Crown Courts.

Today, as we approach the next phase of International Rebellion, we’re starting a page on our website dedicated to all our arrestees.


There’ll be news about trials and outcomes, video clips of defendants explaining what moved them to act, mitigation statements delivered in court, photographic portraits and anything else we think you might find interesting. Please keep checking in, and if you want to give our arrestees some love on social media, please share links to posts.

On Monday, October 7th, we’re going to be rebelling again. This time will be even bigger. We need Everybody. Now. See you on the streets.

If you have news about your own trial or would like to contribute to this page, please email Zoë Blackler at And if you’re in a position to help support our defendants with their legal costs please consider contributing to our Crowdjustice campaign. No donation too small.

Main portrait by Helena Smith.

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