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XR UK announcements

Heading for Extinction Talk for your MP

09 Sep | House of Commons, Westminster, UK | 16:00 or 17:00

Your MP needs to know and tell the truth about the climate and ecological crisis. They need to understand the full extent of this crisis and take urgent action. Invite your MP to join you at a Heading for Extinction talk in the House of Commons to share your concerns with them. We will also be joined by an IPCC scientist who authored the 1.5C report. Write to your MP now and invite them to come meet you in Parliament to hear the truth. Can’t make it? Please ask your MP to attend the talk and explain how important that is to you. Sign up here to find out more and access a template letter to your MP (you can easily find and contact your MP here). For the extra generous: you chip in to cover the costs of the room in Parliament?

Trade Union support

Trade Unions

Exciting news! Two national trade unions now support Extinction Rebellion. They are Public & Commercial Services Union (PSU), which organises civil servants and many public sector workers, and the Bakers Union (BFAWU)

Local and regional XR groups can reach out to their branches of these unions (PCS, BFAWU) and start building relationships. PCS also has branches in workplaces. Local groups could offer to speak at a nearby union meeting or ask the union to send speakers/reps to XR meetings. 

You can ask union branches to tell their members about XR events, and send a mail out to mobilise their members for the upcoming Rebellion. You can also ask for support in the form of donations. Both PCS and BFAWU unions have strong supportive policies on the environment. PCS has worked for years to develop climate positive policies for workers and trade unions, including the One Million Climate Jobs report.

National Food Strategy – act now

The UK government is looking to “gather inspiration” for a transformation of the national food system, “to address the environmental and health problems caused by our food system, to ensure the security of our food supply, and to maximise the benefits of the coming revolution in agricultural technology”. We welcome a government that listens, and we welcome the chance to tell it the truth. Make your voice heard with their survey, or by emailing Foodstrategycallforevidence@defra.gov.uk

XR UK Legal Crowdfunder

Donate Now

Since Extinction Rebellion declared an open rebellion against the British government, over a thousand rebels have been arrested, and most are now being charged. XR UK is in full-on fundraising mode to provide arrestees with essential financial support as they take their message into the courts.

The combined legal costs are expected to be well over £1m, so we’re asking rebels and supporters to dig deep and give generously through our XR legal crowdfunding page. Please share widely.

By charging all those arrested in April, the Met may hope to quell October’s Rebellion. We can respond by showing that as a movement we have the solidarity to support the hundreds of rebels already charged, and the many more who will follow.

Together, we win!

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