Newsletter 25: Around the World - Extinction Rebellion UK

Newsletter 25: Around the World

XR Ghana

30 JUN – 2 JUL | Accra

XR and other groups gathered to celebrate the 59th anniversary of Ghana’s independence. XR banners flew for three days, together with the Black Star Pan-Afrikan Resistance flag of Ghana.

The gathering took place at the Fire Grounds in Accra, hosted by the Ghana Union Movement (GUM) and the Osagyefo Youth Movement (OYM). XR rebels linked up with freedom fighting elders from communities of resistance, pan-Afrikan internationalist eco-justice experts and scholars.

XR France

2 JUL | Clichy, Paris

Rebels held their ground for 11 hours in a protest at Amazon HQ in Clichy. Specifically, the action demanded the non-destruction of unsold products and regulation of online sales to reduce the company’s ecological footprint.

XR Argentina

3 JUL | Live TV

Rebels interrupted Argentina’s Secretary of the Environment Sergio Bergman’s speech during Climate Week.

 XR Ireland

4 JUL | Clare

Rebels protesting at the first day of the Irish Open.

8 JUL | Dublin

Rebels glue onto a government building to protest climate emergency bill being killed off.

XR Australia

5 JUL | Melbourne

Rebels dropped XR banners at an ‘Aussie Rules’ football match in Melbourne, reading ‘Declare a Climate Emergency’ and ‘Emergency Workers Climate Chaos Frontline’ . The match was in honour of emergency services workers.  

XR Belgium

6 JUL | Brussels

22 rebels were arrested on their way to an action protesting the human cost of the fashion industry that had already been okayed by the police. The Tour de France was starting in Brussels on the same day.

Going back a little to 19 May, we just caught wind of this awesome ‘Elephant in the Room’ live TV interruption by Belgian rebels, timed just before the EU elections. 

We Are Watching 2.0

30 JUN | Brussels

Together with other local environmental groups, XR Belgium welcomed the European leaders attending the summit in Brussels with noise and a clear message: ‘Declare a climate emergency!’ Previous conferences to establish the priorities of the new EU Commission have failed to validate the (unambitious) goals of carbon neutrality by 2050.

To remind them of the urgency of solving the climate crisis, every time a group of armored cars approached the Schuman roundabout the protesters made themselves heard and seen. A demands letter signed by at least 36 climate movements from 15 different European countries was handed to President Tusk’s cabinet.

Cycle Train to Work

Every Friday | Brussels, Belgium

Citizen Spring and XR cyclists are demanding a place for cyclists in Brussels’ traffic system by cycling around the inner ring road every Friday. Here’s a video of the event.

XR Chile

6 JUL | Santiago

Rebels in Santiago staged two die-ins at the Constanera Center, the tallest building in South America.

XR Spain

6 JUL | Barcelona

Rebels blocked a highway in Barcelona to protest planned expansion of the airport.

Across the country, in Madrid, thousands of protestors flooded the city centre to oppose the suspension of Madrid’s low-emission zone. Their efforts paid off five days later, when the low-emission zone was reinstated.

XR Portland

21 JUN | Portland, Oregon, USA

Photo by Dave Killen

XR Finland – ‘Our Blood’

30 JUN | Kansalaistori, Helsinki

Check out this beautiful video of the action.

XR Sweden

9 JUL | Malmö airport

20 rebels blockaded an entrance at Malmö airport to raise awareness of how flying impacts the planet. ‘Flygskam’ = the sinking feeling that you should probably reduce the number of flights you take.

XR Norway

21 JUN | Parliament, Oslo

A hundred rebels protested outside Norweigian Parliament, while 30 rebels blocked the entrance. Here’s a video of the action.

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