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Extinction Rebellion statement on the Prison Guide wording

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Extinction Rebellion statement on the Prison Guide wording

We take very seriously the possible outcomes of non-violent direct action. We offer a range of support to anyone who might be arrested, including legal guidance and ongoing emotional welfare.

As part of this support, an informal guide was made available based on the experiences of those who have been imprisoned in the past in London, as a result of Stop Killing Londoners, a Rising Up campaign in 2017. We are aware that the experience of the contributors is not reflective of many who have experienced the criminal justice system.

We are grateful to have been notified of the wording of the prison guide. We have now taken it down and are in the process of reviewing it.  

We would like to apologise for the wording used in this document. The document was on the Rising Up website, which is headed with the following disclaimer:

“DISCLAIMER: This website is out of date and is not currently being updated. Therefore, information on this website could be inaccurate. This website is being kept online for purposes of historical archiving. For the Extinction Rebellion, please visit rebellion.earth”

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