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Extinction Rebellion – statement on Labour’s Climate Emergency motion

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“Extinction Rebellion welcomes the Labour Party’s plans to table a motion asking the UK Government to declare a national envronment and climate emergency.

We look forward to hearing more and hope it will demand the creation of citizens’ assemblies, ending biodiversity loss and reaching net-zero emissions by 2025.

We ask all MPs and the UK Government to listen to the young people, Mums, Grandads and scientists who put themselves on the line over the last two weeks to fight for our future and our planet. Now is the time for each and everyone of us to decide which side of history we are on.

We’re asking everyone to contact their MPs now demanding their support for urgent climate action. This week is a historic moment for everyone who has campaigned for 30 years to come together to secure our future. Let’s work together to ensure all our politicians show the leadership we desperately need.”

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