Monday 15 April: Extinction Rebellion’s International Rebellion to begin in over 80 cities across at least 33 countries - Extinction Rebellion UK

Monday 15 April: Extinction Rebellion’s International Rebellion to begin in over 80 cities across at least 33 countries


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NEW – What emergency?

NEW – Extinction Rebellion in Numbers –

  • Tens of thousands of people in more than 33 countries across six continents will stage a global rebellion to raise the alarm about the Climate and Ecological Emergency that could signal the extinction of the human race if we don’t act
  • Groups across the world will disrupt ‘business as usual’. Ordinary citizens, terrified by the threat we all face to our future, will risk arrest and imprisonment by blocking bridges, roads, harbours and transport systems. Die-ins, cry-ins, funerals, banner drops, ‘blood’ spilling, art and theatre will be part of a festival of global protest
  • Day three of the Rebellion (Wednesday 17 April) is dedicated to Via Campesina’s International Day of Peasants’ Struggles with actions highlighting issues of land use, environmental justice and food security
  • Rebellion aims to force governments to agree to Extinction Rebellion’s core demands to tell the truth and declare a Climate and Ecological Emergency, to halt biodiversity loss, reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025, plus create and be led by decisions of Citizens’ Assemblies on climate and ecological justice
  • Currently there are 331 groups across the world in 49 different countries with a high concentration of groups (5+) in the UK = S+E+W (121=8+101+12), USA (38), Germany (32), France (19), New Zealand (11), The Netherlands (10), Canada (8), Spain (8), Australia (7), Ireland (6), Sweden (6), Ghana (6), Norway (6) and Finland (5).

This Monday 15 April, Extinction Rebellion’s International Rebellion will begin across every human-inhabited continent on Earth, as ordinary people in at least 80 cities in more than 33 countries call upon their governments to take decisive action on the climate and ecological emergency. To bring them to the table, people who are willing to risk their freedom, will peacefully shutdown capitals and other cities, disrupt business as usual and grind economies to a standstill.

A host of nonviolent protests are planned including occupations of various public spaces and the blockading of bridges, roads, harbours and transport systems. There will also be creative actions including die-ins, displays of grief or ‘cry-ins’, funeral processions, banner drops, Blood of Our Children actions involving the spilling of ‘blood’ at strategic locations, plus street art and theatre.

The International Rebellion is intended to force governments to agree to Extinction Rebellion’s demands. These differ between countries, but at their core include that governments and other institutions must tell the truth and declare a Climate and Ecological Emergency, must act now to halt biodiversity loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025 and must create and be led by the decisions of Citizens’ Assemblies on climate and ecological justice.

Melbourne in Australia will be the first city to start. Highlights of other global actions include displays of ‘beautiful grief’ and ‘rising tides’ in Aotearoa (New Zealand). In Germany, people will focus on Hamburg harbour with swarming roadblocks. The Netherlands will see a Blood of Our Children action, swarming, and a bridge blockade. In France, there will be swarming and blockades across Paris and other cities, with a ‘Blood of Our Children’ action at the National Assembly. In the USA, at least 25 cities will participate in actions focusing upon the message to tell the truth, including species funerals, die-ins and street theatre involving giant puppets.

Miriam Robinson from Extinction Rebellion Melbourne said: “It’s time to declare a climate and ecological emergency. We are in the midst of the sixth mass extinction, but the government has been pouring billions of dollars into fossil fuel infrastructure – more gas hubs, ports, coal mines and roads, while sadly neglecting and degrading the natural world. On the day before the election was called the so-called ‘Minister for the Environment’ signed off on a water licence for a massive new coal mine, the Adani Carmichael mine, which would extract three trillion litres of precious ground water from beneath drought-stricken Queensland.”

In the UK – where Extinction Rebellion was born just five months ago before going global – people will be blocking around the clock four iconic strategic locations in central London, creating a festival atmosphere that focuses on the emergency and a vision for the future, as well as escalating the creative disruption across the capital day by day.

International Day of Peasants’ Struggles

Day Three of the Rebellion (Wednesday 17 April) will be dedicated to Via Campesina’s International Day of Peasants’ Struggles. Protests will highlight the links between our food system, land use, climate chaos and the ecological crisis. Peasants contribute least to climate change and the ecological crisis, yet are at the frontline of its impacts while also holding many of the solutions, leading the struggle for food sovereignty, food security and agroecology. People in Ghana will plant fruit and nut trees in public spaces in solidarity, while in central London one of the blockades will be dedicated to food security, with speakers from the Landworkers Alliance.

Yen Chit Chong, from London saidThis is the most important moment in all of history. The fate of humanity and of all life on the planet stands on a knife’s edge. Already, countless people and species are dying and it has only just begun. We are heading for an apocalypse and unimaginable horrors the like of which have never been seen. If we don’t take real, drastic action now then quite literally all is lost.

“The governments of the world have failed us and continue to fail us. They seem utterly divorced from the reality which the scientists warn is bearing down upon us and preoccupied with furthering the same aims and pursuits which have brought us to this head. If we are to save ourselves, then it is up to ordinary people to force them to change their ways. This our last best shot at survival. The success or failure of this Rebellion determines whether we all live or die. Even if the odds are stacked against us, we still have to try. It is time to take a stand.”

Extinction Rebellion in Numbers

People getting involved

  • 331 groups across the world in 49 different countries
  • High concentration of groups (5+) in UK=S+E+W (121=8+101+12), Canada (8), USA (38), Germany (32), France (19), Australia (7), New Zealand (5), Ireland (6), Sweden (6), Ghana (6), The Netherlands (10), Spain (8), Norway (6) and Finland (5).


  • 60,000 on international mailing list
  • UK social media – 31k on Instagram, 42k on Twitter, 80k on Facebook, 3k on Youtube


International Commitment

  • Are you willing to:
    • Take direct action with XR? 3280
    • Offer your time to work in an XR office? 4586
    • Interested in training other rebels? 5701
    • Willing to Get arrested? 6335
    • Willing to go to prison 5234
  • We have at least one XR Rebel in 156 different countries

UK Commitment – Contact for updates

  • Are you willing to:
    • Take direct action with XR? 2942
    • Offer your time to work in an XR office? 3525
    • Interested in training other rebels? 2892
    • Willing to Get arrested? 3479
    • Willing to go to prison 3326

Arrests Total: 2​22 (as at 12 April) –

  • Bristol Magistrates Action: 2
  • Declaration day arrests: 15
  • BEIS arrests: 22
  • Defra arrests: 5
  • Brazilian Embassy arrests: 2
  • Rebellion day arrests: 85
  • Funeral for Our Future arrests: 14
  • Bristol Rebellion Day: 8
  • Coal London Action: 3
  • Yeovil Rebellion Day: 4
  • New York Rebellion: 9
  • Norwich Norfolk Council disruption: 4
  • Belgium Climate Emergency : 5
  • International Petroleum Week: 9
  • Scotland National Museum: 14
  • Canada Action: 1
  • Youth Strike 15/03: 2 (Bristol)+ 6 (London) + 16 (NYC)
  • House of Commons Semi-naked: 13

Actions happening around the world, broken down by continent:

NB. As this is an emergency and decentralised movement we are aware there are other events and protests happening around the world that we do not yet know about! See you on the streets x




  • Event Title: “YENARAASASESAYOOO! Ghana in Pan-Afrikan Internationalist Stepping Up Towards GERROV”
  • Facebook: SMERJAPIC-WA Facebook and GILOGCAL Facebook Pages
  • When and Where: Times TBC, activities of the International X Rebellion are planned to commence with an action in Parliament House in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. This will be following on from the Thursday, 11th April 2019 knocking on the door of the office of the United Nations Resident Coordinator and Chief Representative of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to raise an International Community alert with a view to mounting precautionary vigilance against the violence of state and non-state actors that usually gets criminally perpetrated with impunity upon citizens who dare attempt to exercise their human, peoples’ and Mother Earth rights in Ghana today. Spearheading this UNDP Door Knocking event are the International School Strikers in Ghana who are organising themselves innovatively and acting with their own youthfully vibrant creativity in carrying out the Extinction Rebellion Friends of Greta Schools Alarm Whistling Exercise (XR-FOGSAWE).“YENARAASASESAYOOO!” can be translated to mean “Our Mother Earth For All Freedomfighting” and “GERROV” is the “Grand Extinction Rebellion Rendezvous of Victory”. The list of planned International X Rebellion events, which are being coordinated in Ghana by the VAZOBA Afrika and Friends Networking Open Forum, under the umbrella of the Stop the Maangamizi and Extinction Rebellion Joint Action Provisional Interconnexions Council for West Afrika (SMERJAPIC-WA), include the following highlights:-
    • Tuesday 16th April YENARAASASESEMKA With XR-FOGSAWE in the Ghana Parliament: Launch of the Annual International Mother Earth Month Climate Emergency “YENARAASASESEMKA: Our Motherland Big Conversation” of a Youth Internationalist Parliament of Humanity Assembly of Accra (YIPHA-Accra) Delegation with the Ghana Parliamentary Committee on Environment, Science and Technology  at Parliament House, Accra, Ghana.
    • Tuesday 16th April Young People in West Afrika, taking action with Extinction Rebellion are going to the Ghana Parliament on this day, to demand that the Ghanaian government engages in serious dialogue and action with them around the climate emergency and other ecocide and genocide. So we’re going to the Ghana High Commission on the same day to demand that they address the issues these young people in Ghana are raising. In taking this kind of action, these young people in Ghana are putting their lives on the line, and our presence at the Ghana High Commission can also contribute to increasing security for them.
    • Wednesday 17th April, La Via Campesina Banner Raising for Food Security Ceremony in Tanyigbe in honour of the International Day of Peasants’ Struggle: Launch of the Annual International Mother Earth Month Pan-Afrikan Internationalist Salute of the La Via Campesina Banner to highlight Food Security Concerns of Afrikan Peasant-Farmers and their Communities on the campus of the Tanyigbe Community Basic School, Atidze, Tanyigbe, in the Ho Municipality of the Volta Region of Ghana
    • Thursday 18 April, Communities of Resistance in West Afrika are taking incredible action with Extinction Rebellion, linking it with their social movements to end the ecocide, genocide and enslavement, but in taking this action, they are risking being murdered, kidnapped or ‘disappeared’; the Ghanaian Government is complicit in these levels of violence, which have recently become even more extreme, so we’re going to the Ghana High Commission on Thursday 18th April, to demand that they address this, and to let them know that we’re watching, so that they know they can’t get away with any kind of direct or indirect violence against our colleagues and friends in West Afrika.
    • Saturday 20th April, YAYOKPAKPA Rally With TOTROKUSAFO-KCORSDAF at the Agomenya Market in Krobo-Odumase: Launch of the Annual International Mother Earth Month “YAYOKPAKPA Sweet Mother Earth Rally for Climate Emergency” of the TOTROKUSAFO-KCORSDAF, in Internationalist Solidarity with the Agomenya Market-Women and their Communities of Resistance, in the historic Agomenya Market of Krobo-Odumase in the Eastern Region of Ghana
    • Sunday 21st April, Easter Sunday Earthrise in Resurrection with Christ Communion Sharings: As for example, the “Laudato Si” promotional sharing of the 24th May 2015 signed and 18th June 2015 published Second Encyclical Message of Pope Francis, “On Care for Our Common Home”, by SMERJAPIC-WA Activists of the 28th December 2018 launched Communion Action Link for Laudato Si (CALLS), in collaboration with the Catholic Youth Organisation (CYO), the Pan-Afrikan Catholic Environmental Justice Emergency Action Communion of Laudato Si (PACEJEACOLS), the Global Catholic Climate Movement (GCCM), the Christian Climate Action in the United Kingdom (CCA-UK) and the Rendezvous of Victory InterFaith Study and Action Network (ROVIFSAN).
    • Monday 22nd April International Mother Earth Day Protect Our Species Actions: Various actions to protect species and biodiversity in diverse community environments throughout Ghana and West Afrika.


Ilha de Mozambique

  • Ilha de Mozambique, the former capital of Mozambique will be protesting against climate change in support of Beira. Numbers are expected to be up to 5000. They are carrying a message of urgency. Pointing a finger at the world’s most polluting countries. Demanding that all countries keep to the Paris accord and start preserving our planet’s natural habitats, whilst pledging to become an eco island and template for the world.
  • The march will be on Sunday the 14th of April 2019 at 8:30 AM local time

South Africa

Cape Town

When: 15 April

Time: 9.30 UTC +02

Where:  The River club, Observatory – Cape Town

Action: Start of International Rebellion – Cape Town




  • Date: 12th April
  • Location: Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Indira Paryavaran Bhavan, Ali Ganj, Jorbagh Road, New Delhi, Delhi 110003, India Time: 9 am
  • Agenda: To speak with Dr. Harsh Vardhan, incumbent minister at Ministry of Science & Technology, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change and Ministry of Earth Sciences. Amongst arguments that you bring forth, to rally against the felling of 841 hectares of forest in Chhattisgarh, and call for an alarmingly immediate attention towards its consequent climate, as well as socio-cultural, impact.


  • Date: 15th April
  • Location: Shahpura Joggers’ Park, Shahpura Lake, Shahpura, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, 462016  Google location: 23.202506,77.425197
  • Time: 6 pm – 6:45 pm
  • Agenda: Take urgent climate action. No more new coal project. End old projects. 


  • Date: 15th April
  • Location: Via Palanpur, District, Banaskantha, Gujarat.
  • Time: 12 p.m. 



  • Time :  3PM to 9pm  
  • Location: Islamabad Press Club, Street 38, F-6/1 F 6/1 F-6



Time: 13:30 to 19:00.  

Beginning from the International Rebellion week we will start to make non-violent protests and activities. For the 15th April, we are planning to make demonstrations in multiple locations in Istanbul.

We will start by reading the declaration in the city centre, afterwards we will divide into groups and go to the Anatolian side of Istanbul. There, we will go to the sea side and hand out flyers and Halva – a Turkish dessert which is traditionally given to the people after funeral ceremonies.

With the theme of this demonstration being mourning, we will have a chance to chat with people about climate change and Extinction Rebellion. Also, we will paint the streets, put stickers and hang flags.

South America


Protest in São Paulo


Los Andes: Peaceful road block in Los Andes. No FB event.


Aotearoa / New Zealand

The actions listed below are media focused events. A map of all actions, searchable by postcode, are here:  


Date: Sat 20 Apr

Time: 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Action: Easter Saturday climate action picnic and protest by XR Auckland

Where: Okahu Bay Beach, Auckland, 1071



Date: Tues 16 April

Time: 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Action: A performance review of the Living World to Environment Canterbury by XR Christchurch Ōtautahi

Where: Environment Canterbury, 200 Tuam Street, Christchurch 8011


Date:  Sat 20 Apr

Time: 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Action: Sure To Rise March – We are the Rising Tide by XR Christchurch Ōtautahi

Where: Edmonds Factory Gardens, 365 Ferry Road, Christchurch, New Zealand 8062

Contact: Shere Khan on 028 414 5966 or  


Date: Fri 19 Apr

Time: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Action: Theatrical dinner party protest by XR Dunedin (Ōtepoti)

Where: Bayfield Park, Andersons Bay, Dunedin 9013


Date: Sat 20 Apr

Time: 10:00 AM -12:00 PM

Action Rising tide parade for climate action by XR Dunedin (Ōtepoti)

Where: Dunedin Railway Station, 22 Anzac Ave, Dunedin 9016



Date: April 15,

Time: 10:00 AM

Action: Grand Opening of Climate Change Resource Centre

Where: 231 Queen St,  Masterton, New Zealand 5810

Contact: Jeremy Logan on or 0274332215


Date: Thurs 18 Apr

Time: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Action A secret protest by XR Nelson

Where: Nelson i-SITE, 75 Trafalgar Street, Nelson, 7040

Contact: Julie Nevin on 021 645 652‬ or  

Palmerston North

Date: Mon 15 April

Time: 8:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Action: Presentation to local council by XR Palmerston North

Where: Te Maraeo O Hine, Palmerston North Square, Palmerston North 4410

Contact: Rachael Andrews on or 027 464 9402


Date:  Sat 20 Apr  

Time: TBC

Action: A Rising Tide by XR Tauranga

Where: TBC, Tauranga

Contact: Leo Murray on or 022 066 4869

Thames (Hauraki)

Date: Sat 20 Apr

Time: 9:00 AM

Action A rising tide for climate action by XR Thames (Hauraki)

Where: Brightsmile Community Garden, Mackey St, Thames 3500



Date: Sat 20 Apr

Time: 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Action: “Rising tide”: A human wave for climate action by XR Wellington Te Whanganui-a-Tara

Where: Waitangi Park, 107 Cable Street, Wellington 6011

Contact: Dr Sea Rotmann on 021 246 9438 or



Monday 15 April 2019. 7am.

Blockade of a major road in peak rush hour

In Australia, we are in the midst of a national election campaign. We will be calling on election candidates to declare a climate and ecological emergency. To underline our determination to achieve a declaration from the incoming government, we will be supporting rebels in London by risking arrest to blockade a major road during the morning peak. The road is a massive traffic sewer funneling cars into the city from suburbs with poor public transport options. At the site of our blockade there is a major bike path. We will be opening a path across the traffic to allow cyclists a faster than usual trip into town.

Spokesperson Miriam Robinson says: “It’s time to declare a climate and ecological emergency. We are in the midst of the sixth mass extinction, but the government has been pouring billions of dollars into fossil fuel infrastructure – more gas hubs, ports, coal mines and roads, while sadly neglecting and degrading the natural world. On the day before the election was called the so-called ‘Minister for the Environment’ signed off on a water licence for a massive new coal mine, the Adani Carmichael mine, which would extract three trillion litres of precious ground water from beneath drought-stricken Queensland.”

This event is not advertised on Facebook as only rebels who have undertaken Non-Violent Direct Action training are invited. As the event unfolds updates will be available from:

Further information contact media spokesperson Miriam Robinson +61409 351 123

6pm Tuesday 16 April 2019 – 10am Wednesday 17 April 2019

Camp Out for Climate.  

We will make our presence known at Victoria’s Parliament House in peaceful and fun-loving protest –  with the aim of creating an ongoing, fortnightly protest that will increase by one extra night each time, reaching permanency if needed. Our aim? To confront our government and demand emergency action on climate change. Our earth is dying. We will not stand by and let this unfold. We invite all who value an inhabitable planet to collaborate with us in this peaceful, but distinctly disruptive and visible action. Our intention is to create an atmosphere of heartfelt and festive defiance, replete with music and art spaces, skill-sharing and symbolic seed-planting for the future we hope to safeguard. Families are welcome. We will migrate to the nearby Treasury Gardens if our numbers require more space. Designated conscientious protectors will be keeping vigil in shifts throughout the night. We will provide a briefing for all participants upon arrival and provide you with a wristband to signify your participation and help keep us safe as a group.

Subsequent camps:

                  2nd Camp 30th April – 1st May

                  3rd Camp 14th May – 16th May

                  4th Camp 28th May – 31st May

                  5th Camp 11th June – 15th June

                  6th Camp 25th June – 30th June

Geelong, Victoria

Monday 15 April 11.30am – 1.30pm

Banner parade slowing traffic in the centre of town. Rebels will slowly parade with large and colourful banners, temporarily blocking traffic at major intersections.

Brisbane: Queensland Parliament House

Monday 15 April 2019 8am – 11am

Brisbane Rebellion Week – Initial Action.

To kick off Brisbane’s contribution to the International Rebellion, rebels will meet at the Speaker’s Corner outside Queensland’s Parliament House in the Central Business District with banners and posters. From there we will walk through the city with our banners, heading to the intersection of Adelaide St and Edward St. There we will spread awareness of the existential threat of climate change with flyers and the like. Further actions will follow in the Week of Rebellion.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019 10am – 1pm

Acts of Civil Disobedience and an Action Support Party

Rebels will rendezvous near the Jane Street community garden at  Davies Park Montague Rd., West End 4152 and travel to the support party to support rebels engaged in civil disobedience at another location. We will contest the ‘business-as-usual’ of those who hold power. All are invited. Conflict is not expected but all coming are asked to adhere to non violent behavior at the destination. Rebels will bring noisemakers ( drums, sound systems, guitars, megaphones) and wear colourful clothing.


Pioneer Womens Memorial Gardens King William Rd

Monday, April 15, 2019 at 12:30pm– 4pm

Action for Future Generations.  This action will focus on telling the truth about climate change and how it will affect future generations if we do not take emergency level action now.  Participants with gather at 12.30 (perhaps bringing a picnic lunch). They will meet other rebels, participate in a briefing and rehearsal, and then set off to speak our truth at Rundle Mall at 2pm.

Rebels, of every age and stage, will prepare a few short sentences about their love and concerns for future generations. Those who are grandparents, aunts/uncles, parents etc will bring photos of the younger person/people in their lives.

Central Queensland, near Bowen

Friday 19 April to Sunday 19 May.

ReAct: Climate Code Red

This action is jointly hosted by 17 groups including Frontline Action on Coal and Extinction Rebellion groups in Bundjalung – Northern Rivers, Sydney and south-east Queensland.  

This April, rebels are calling CODE RED ON CLIMATE and going to the front lines to stop the Adani coal mine before it starts! Between the 19th April – 19th May, grassroots groups, artists, musicians and skill sharers from across the continent are converging on Central Queensland for a month of direct action, training, workshops and secret shows from some big name musicians in opposition to the dangerous Adani Carmichael coal mine.

Join us at #BlockadeAdani, to take action against the fossil fuel barons whose corrupting political influence is driving us deeper into a climate emergency. Australia is ranked as the world’s worst performer on climate action. We must keep all Galilee Basin thermal coal in the ground and rapidly phase out domestic use and export of fossil fuels. Come and be a part of the fight for survival. Join us to REACT!                                    

Register and find out more:

*Event Held on Birri Country (sovereignty was never ceded)*

North America


Kjipuktuk/Halifax, NS

Members of XR Nova Scotia will converge on Kjipuktuk/Halifax to deliver our demands to local media and to Nova Scotia’s private power corporation. Likely hundreds will march to the CBC and Chronicle Herald to follow up on our demand that their editorial boards treat the climate crisis as an existential emergency. Afterwards XR NS will march across town, blocking major roads, to the waterfront for a picnic and music, before following up on demands for the Board of Nova Scotia Power/Emera acknowledge the climate emergency and implement a plan for net-zero GHGs by 2025 and a citizens assembly to oversee plan development and progress.

XR NS media coordinator Patrick Yancey: “If a meteor was hurtling towards the earth, and we had ten years to act, how would the media respond? The crisis would be the top story, with 24/7 coverage. Politicians wouldn’t be able to talk about anything else. Meteor deniers would get no voice. It’s clear that our media outlets are failing us and future generations. They must start covering the climate crisis as a real existential threat.”

“At the same time, Nova Scotia Power is clear-cutting forests for biomass and falsely counting it as renewable. They also plan to spend hundreds of millions to extend coal plants into the 2030s. The IPCC report has been out for months, but they have yet to acknowledge the crisis and change course.”


Montreal QC

Extinction Rebellion Quebec will kick off its rebellion week by inviting the premier, Mr. Francois Legault, to a school of life. Conveniently, the school of life will be hosted right in front of his Montreal office, on McGill College and Sherbrooke.

Climate action is now a matter of life and death. Yet, on the dawn of the 6th mass extinction, Mr. Legault wants to hear nothing of it. Since he will neither educate himself on the matter, nor alert the Quebec population, we have decided to do it for him.


Over the course of the week, we will evaluate his performance at the school of life and communicate his result, loudly. Details to come…

Vancouver BC

Reclaim the CBC Vancouver! An action at the CBC offices to demand among other things.. “The CBC declare a climate and ecological emergency – we need to act now, the extinction of the natural world is happening and we face the collapse of our civilizations.
The CBC place the climate and ecological emergency as its top editorial and corporate priority – integrated into all aspects of the CBC’s output, not just in technology & science and opinion sections – by adoption of a climate emergency strategic plan.”


Also in Vancouver, later in the month but still occurring in the 2 weeks of Rebellion, April 27th will see a beautiful flash dance disruption –

Kitchener, ON

Rebel Dance Party @ 5:30 p.m., Waterloo Town Square


Have visited the government to declare the emergency on the 9th.

Are declaring a rebellion on Monday April 15 that everyone should join in.


Contacts for USA:

Ruby Bristol, (541) 499-2522,

Bea Ruiz, (510) 859-4540,

ExtinctionRebellion.US | Twitter: @extinctionrebel #XRUS #REBELSPRING

Call to Action:

Find an Action/Event:



Event: The Carbon Sink Lives! Rally and Call to Action

When: Monday April 15, 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

UW, Prexy’s Pasture, across from Rendezvous Cafe, Laramie, WY. At the end of this event we will march to the President’s office and present a Call to Action letter from students, faculty and the wider community.



Los Angeles

Event: CA Climate Camp Begins

When: Monday April 15

Location: near Ela Park, Lincoln Heights neighborhood

Action Network:

Details: Planning a Climate Camp inspired by the German climate movement. We’ll have delicious meals, seminars from organizers on the front lines of climate justice, creative team building events, and lots of opportunities for direct action! We can’t wait to see you there! There’s tons of preparation to be done to prepare for the Climate Camp and if you have any capacity for contributing please reach out! It will include actions such as: Paint the Streets,banner and  flag making, community building,

Wed April 17 : 3.00 blockading and swarming.

Fri April 19: 3.00 Possible die-in.

Saturday April 20: Road party – music, food, dancing, drinks.

Sunday April 21:: PREPARATION—
Debrief of week. All preparation for Big Day of Action on 4/22

Art making party Press-preparation. . Community cooked meal!  Fun!   Music!  Camp fire? 


San Francisco, Bay Area CA

Monday 15th: San Francisco Bay Area, CA : Sound the Alarm!

When and where: 4pm, Location: UN Plaza


Details: We are Extinction Rebellion, and we declare that when our children call us to action, we will answer! Join us on April 15th to rise up for a living future. We will not gather to beg our leaders to care. We will gather to declare that change is coming, whether our governments like it or not. This is an emergency and it’s time we all started acting like it, adults included. So come out on April 15th as we raise our voices, our trumpets and cookware, bike bells, and boomboxes with the truth on our lips! to declare this emergency for what it is and to demand that our governments worldwide do the same.


Saturday April 13: Zombie Walk at 2nd Saturday Art Walk

When and where: 6:30pm-9:30pm, 625 S St, Sac

Event page:    Details: We invite folks to join our extinction outreach event. Come dressed as a zombie or an extinct animal. We will educate the Second Saturday Art Walkers about the climate emergency we all face while mourning the species we’ve lost.  

Tuesday April 16: Come Give Your Comments

When and where: 4:45pm-7pm, Sacramento City Hall

Event page:  

Details: Come by the upcoming City Council Meeting to make some comments on why climate change, mass extinction and ecological emergency concern you and should concern and move them too.  Our government needs to tell the whole truth about what is happening. We invite you to comment with us, we want to hear what’s affecting you.

Friday April 19: Banner droppings on Sactown

When and where: 3pm-5pm, Contact for specifics

Event page:  

Details: Interested in getting a lot of folks’ attentions with art and banners? We invite you to come drop some banners with Extinction Rebellion to let folks know we’re rising up for the climate.

Monday April 22: Conclusion of International Week of Rebellion Rally

When and where: 10am, East side of the State Capitol

Event page:  

Details: We’ll be congregating to bring attention to the climate destructive, apathy and emergency we have on our hands. We invite you to bring signs, your spirits and your resilience for a rally close to the Capitol. Look for more details in the coming days of our exact meeting location.
In solidarity, Extinction Rebellion Sacramento

Washington, DC

Extinction Rebellion Washington DC

When and where: Sunday April 16 8AM, Spirit of Justice Park  C St SE, Washington, District of Columbia 20024


Details: Join us for the 31st annual instalment of The Climate Games! Since the late 1980s, our nation’s leaders have ignored climate science and played games with the future of the planet, valuing fossil fuel donations over human lives. Will the forces of Greed and Capitalism maintain their 30 year winning streak? Or will underdog Team Earth finally claim victory?

This year’s Climate Games will be hosted by the Republican National Committee, which is the main fundraising arm of the Republican Party and plays a key role in determining national Republican strategy. In response to recent calls for the “Green New Deal”, the only policy proposal on the table that even comes close to addressing the climate crisis, the Republican Party has vowed to wage war against the proposal, belittling it, mocking it, and lying about it at every turn. We could think of no organization more worthy of hosting the Climate Games than the RNC. Their headquarters might even shut down to help celebrate the event!

This year’s event will include numerous climate-themed games, such as Climate Catastrophe Dodgeball and Planetary Volleyball. All attendees will have an opportunity to join Team Earth or Team Greed.  The pre-game festivities will begin at Spirit of Justice Park, New Jersey Ave and D St SE at 8:00am. Take a half day off work, call in sick, do whatever you need to do to be there. You won’t want to miss this!

The Climate Games are part of the International Week of Rebellion taking place in more than 33 countries around the globe, and dozens of cities in the United States. Humanity is now confronting the climate crisis like never before.


Atlanta, TBA. We will announce our actions on Sunday, April 13 – watch our Facebook page for events:



Monday April 15: Declaration of Rebellion

When and where: 4:30pm, 1437 Bannock St, Denver, Colorado 80202, Denver City and County Building

Details: At 4:30 we will be meeting outside the Denver City and County Building before attending the monthly general public comment session and declaring our rebellion!

Note that anyone can sign up to be a speaker at this event. See the link below where you can register on Friday noon for a speaking slot during the comment session. If you do grab a slot, fb messenger or email so we can coordinate our message!  Besides declaring our rebellion, we will have a disruption… Hope to see you there!


Wednesday April 17: Funeral for the Earth

When and where: 12pm, 600 N Grant St, Denver, CO 80203-3507, United States

Details: We are in the planet’s 6th mass extinction, caused by human greed, callousness, and indifference. Climate change is destroying life on our planet, and threatens our own existence. We will have a funeral march with a coffin and other artful props. We will meet outside Dianna DeGette’s Office and lead a funeral procession to 9News.

Our message is that the government and the media need to speak the truth about climate change and act as if that truth is real. We need our politicians to act with urgency to change the systems which have created injustice and and led to the climate emergency. We grieve for what is already lost, and will not stand by while our children and planet are destroyed.

Saturday April 20: Denver Rebellion

When and where: 11:30am, Fishback Landing Park , Denver, Colorado 80211
As part of 4/15 International Extinction Rebellion week, we need all fellow rebels to join us on Saturday, 4/20. We are demanding that our government speak the truth about climate change and act as if the truth is real. On 4/20, Extinction Rebellion Denver will be hitting the downtown streets with our message. While we demand truth, action, and justice, we are also celebrating each other, our solidarity, and our love for Mother Earth.

Please join us in this message and this action. We will celebrate and we will misbehave. Please attend! We love and value those who don’t misbehave — all can participate safely at whatever level they feel fits them. Children are welcome as well.

WTF? Why are we meeting at Fishback park? Why aren’t we meeting at the civic center like every other Denver rally and march?
We’ve had 30 years knowing about climate change, rallying and marching, and haven’t significantly changed a thing. We’re trying something different, and expecting different results. Please join in our humble beginning on a route to an unstoppable future.

New York City

Sunday April 14:  Extinction Mass: Remembrance for Lost Species

When and where: 2:00pm Prospect Park Southwest, Brooklyn

Details: We will honor each species by reading their name and a moment of silence. We invite everyone to collectively mourn with us the loss of our dead friends. We will summon our love for the Earth to feed our actions. Procession led by Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir, including remarks by Janet MacGillivray of Seeding Sovereignty.

Wednesday April 17: Tell the Truth

When and where: 9:00am City Hall Plaza, Manhattan

Details: On the morning of April 17th, from 9am to 11am, residents from across New York City and beyond will converge on City Hall to demand a rapid and large-scale response to avert climate disaster. The administration has made plans to build a $10 billion seawall around lower Manhattan and to introduce congestion pricing below 60th street. These inadequate measures ignore the urgent need to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2025 to sustain human and animal life on this planet.

NYC Press contact:

+1 347-850-3830



When: Friday, April 19, 3 pm – sundown

Where: Steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art

What: XR Philadelphia will introduce itself to the local community with a banner display on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The event will be a chance to our share our message, recruit members and show solidarity with the international movement.

Philly Press Contact: Ray Bailey,

+1 215-834-9505



Monday April 15: Demand Divestment NOW

When and where: 11:30 am – 1:30 pm at the JP Morgan Chase Bank at 221 W. 6th St.

Website/Facebook Event:

Details: We are still in the midst of picking the best meet-up spot, so STAY TUNED- but we will meet at 11:30 very near the bank. Please give yourself plenty of time to find parking. At 12:00 pm, we will head to the Bank and demand that they divest from the Permian Basin. It is time they are held accountable for funding climate disaster and human rights abuses.
What to bring: Posters with messages denouncing Chase and the fossil fuel industry, megaphones, drums, your own reusable water bottle.

Quote: “JP Morgan Chase Bank is the largest funder of the fossil fuel industry in the world and the largest funder of pipeline projects and fracking in Texas’s Permian Basin. In 2017, Chase increased its funding of tar sands (refined into gasoline) by 400% and increased its financing of coal companies 21-FOLD.

“Extracting fossil fuel resources directly affects climate change, pollutes the air and water of the surrounding areas with toxic/carcinogenic waste and chemicals deteriorating the health of those exposed, wastes water, and destroys the environment.

“We at Extinction Rebellion believe that this is an unjust, backwards approach to the fossil fuel industry. Rather than investing in fossil fuel projects, banks should be divesting from the fossil fuel industry and investing in renewable energy sources. Since Chase Bank has shown in the past that they value power and profits over the health of the earth and its people, we understand that we must put pressure on them to divest in the form of PEACEFUL protest.”

Monday April 15: Die-in: Hope Dies, Action Begins, Austin, TX

When and where: 4:30-6:00 pm  Location: Pflluger Pedestrian Bridge, Austin,TX, 78704


Details:  In solidarity with those around the world on Rebellion Week, we’ll be “dying” to raise awareness of the sixth mass extinction and government inaction on climate destruction. We will be lying down for all the future generations who will die due to ecological breakdown. Bring your friends. Meet at 4:30 in the parking lot of the abandoned business at the corner of Lamar and W Riverside. We’ll organize into groups and explain the action before heading to Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge

Saturday 20th: – Rebel Revelry: Party Of The People, Austin, TX

When and where: 3pm-9pm, Location: Thicket 7800 S. 1st Street, Austin, TX 78745


Extinction Rebellion ATX is hosting an evening of festivity!

Live music,  Free beer from Skull Mechanix Brewery, Live screen printing, Raffle,  Resistance art and coloring table.

Details: The Thicket South Austin Food Park is a family friendly community space with a playground so bring the whole family to join in an evening of art, community, and good food! XR Austin wants to take part in creating a world that is fit for generations to come; we welcome you to come hang out and share in the spark of our creative resistance. Raffle ticket funds and keg donations will be used to support XR Austin’s nonviolent direct actions. Stop by our info table to hear more about the international movement, recent Austin actions, or let us know what your own hopes for the future are. We welcome everyone and every part of everyone♡

Monday 22nd – UT Earth Day Flash Rebellion, Austin, TX

When and where: 1:00-2:30 pm, Location: UT main building 110 Inner Campus Drive, Austin TX 78712


Details: At the epicenter of the collusion of the fossil fuel industry and our state’s highest institution of Knowledge, we will seek and speak the TRUTH about the climate emergency, and make a 180-degree turn toward a world where we GO GREEN!  In this Flash-Rebellion, we honor and defend the Earth and all green living things with a symbolic action of prayer, song, celebration and regeneration.Stay tuned for information on how to converge on a precise location.


Cincinnati, OH

Monday 15th – ORSANCO Ohio River Water Protectors Final ‘Comment’

When and where: 3:30pm EST, ORSANCO office, 5735 Kellogg Ave.


April 15, the first day of a global week of action, is the last day for PUBLIC COMMENT on a proposal to change the pollution control standards for the Ohio River and its tributaries. This is our home water, and the change will impact projects upstream, including a proposal to make “Houston on the Ohio”– a massive complex of refineries producing plastic out of fracking by-products. We are collecting and delivering public comments to the governing body in change of the water quality of our River. Together with many other groups, we have walked through the process offered and 99% of the comments are for MORE water protection. We will read the Declaration of Rebellion and let the commissioners know that if they ignore the public input requested, we will become more difficult to ignore.

Louisville, KY

Friday 19th – #dresstrashy Earth Day – XR goes to EarthWalk

When and where: 9am-1pm Iroquios Park•5216 New Cut Rd, Louisville , KY 40214


We will attend the annual EarthWalk as an XR contingent.  During our inaugural meeting of XR-KY last month, we discussed with an organizer for EarthWalk about the opportunity to make a darker statement about what is happening to our climate at this typically spring-blossoms-and-butterflies “holiday” called Earth Day. We came up with the idea of making plastic refuse ponchos that we could walk under as a group, resembling the floating continents of garbage in our ocean whorls and shorelines. Our aim is to connect this plastic to the massive refinery complex proposed for the Ohio River Valley and to get out in public, Rebel for Life.

Kentucky Press Contact: Alice Melendez 859-556-0112


Baltimore, MD

Monday 22nd: Vigil for the Earth

When and where: 8:00 pm – 9 pm EST , Washington Monument, 699 Washington Pl, Baltimore, Maryland 21201

Website/facebook event:

Details: XR Baltimore will be holding an Earth Day candlelight vigil commemorating all of the animals, plants and entire ecosystems which have been wiped out in the name of capitalism’s unending hunger for industrial growth. Dress up as your favorite endangered species, bring a sign and a song or a performance art piece if you wish! Candles will be provided.

Wednesday 17th: Tell the Truth: Ring the Alarm on the Climate Emergency!

When and where: 12 Noon, starting at the site of the Boston Massacre

Facebook event:

Details: Extinction Rebellion Boston’s first action will begin with a mourning ceremony for the lives and lands lost to the violent, unjust systems underlying the climate breakdown. Mourners will lay out the extinction symbol in flowers while they ring bells together to sound the first toll of the death knell for our planet. Accompanied by the Second Line Social Aid and Pleasure Brass band, rebels will make a public call to action to the Boston Globe. This visit comes after several unreturned requests to meet with Editor Brian McGrory to discuss how the Globe can fully communicate the perils of climate inaction. With their call to action delivered, rebels will demonstrate how to fulfill this mission, distributing alternative newspapers that accurately reflect the crisis while some members of XR will take acts of non-violent civil disobedience in testament of the gravity of the challenges facing all of humanity.

Quotes: Polly Wynn Allen, 82, longtime resident of Cambridge, MA:

“The Extinction Rebellion is providing me rich opportunities both to face the details of our dear planet’s degradation and to join forces with a growing multitude to interrupt the devastation and turn it around.”David St.Germain of Barre: “Time and time again the Boston Globe has sounded the alarm on awful human rights abuses, from violence against journalists to the sexual abuse of children by the Church. Given that the ongoing emergency of climate change threatens all life on the planet, why don’t our trusted news sources represent the severity of the problem? Since the Globe’s mission is to ‘expose the truth, even in defiance of powerful interests’, we are urging all of their journalists to apply their consciences and take leadership by treating the climate crisis as the highest news priority of our time. Future generations depend on your truth-telling TODAY.”



Sunday 21st: Direct Action, to be announced!

Details: Easter morning surprise! Check out our Facebook page for livestream and updates, starting around 6am Pacific Standard Time. We just hope you like dump trucks:    Contact:


Group: XR Eugene

Wednesday 10th:

Eugene #Defund Disaster National Day of Action



Monday 15th:

Eugene Tax Day Protest – U.S. Military


Monday 15th to Monday 22nd:  

XR-University of Oregon

Event: TBD week long student action

Thursday 18th:

Eugene-Springfield Mass Bike Ride to Protect Local Forests!


Sunday April 21st:

Bike Ride & Sacred Water Ritual


Monday April  22nd

Scientists’ Second Warning to Humanity




When and where: 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM CST, April 15th.  EXTINCTION WAKE UP!

All are invited to:  HONOR THE DEAD // ROUSE THE SLEEPING, as part of

Event link:

Facebook event:

During the annual St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, XR Chicago dropped some BIG BANNERS to announce the week.

We will be assembling a SLEEPING GIANT in Downtown Chicago, which will AWAKEN to the urgency of the climate crisis.  We need groups from all parts of the greater Chicago area to carry one of the giant’s body parts to this central location. Carry a leg on a kayak! Carry a foot on the train! Carry the heart on the bus! Carry the guts on a bike trailer! By transporting and delivering part of the sleeping giant, you will be literally reconnecting our fractured and disembodied communities into a unified coalition.

Following the awakening ceremony, we will rally outside the Thompson Center to hear our keynote speaker: author, social critic and political commentator PAUL STREET (CounterPunch, TruthDig) plus a variety of public speakers from our environmental activism community. Please let us know if you would like to be considered as one of our speakers.

Our central message is WAKE UP!
WAKE UP to the sixth mass extinction
WAKE UP to our failed systems of government
WAKE UP to corporations hellbent on the annihilation
WAKE UP to complicit media outlets
WAKE UP to environmental racism

After the rally we will form a raucous wake procession with a MARCHING BAND to spread our message at various locations – city hall, the federal building, media outlets, and to anyone who has been sleeping through the collapse of the ecosystems which future generations depend on for their ultimate survival.


MINNEAPOLIS/ST. PAUL  Sunday, April 14th

When and where: 2-4 PM, Mill Ruins Park and Stone Arch Bridge


Details: Are you experiencing climate grief? Let’s come out in public to express our sadness about the species we’ve already lost to human carelessness and the losses that seem certain to come. We’ll gather at the Mill City Ruins and process across the Stone Arch Bridge to the park on the other side. In the park, we’ll have an open time for people to give eulogies, play or sing a song, read a poem, or whatever seems appropriate in remembrance of the animals, plants, and insects that have left us forever.  You’re invited to bring something that represents a creature you’re especially grieving. We will have a few animal banners to carry, but you are encouraged to bring your own.

Wednesday, April 17th

When and where: 4-6 PM, XCEL Headquarters, 404 Nicollet Mall


Details: Xcel Energy is a perfect example of utility company greenwashing, paying lip service to the transition to clean energy while taking actions that on the contrary continue us on the petrochemical death march. As part of Extinction Rebellion’s international week of rebellion, XR Twin Cities will lead a die-in at Xcel’s Minneapolis headquarters. Wear black and enact the death that Xcel is helping to bring to our beautiful planet!

Friday, April 19th

When and where: 3:30 PM, Loring Park, Minneapolis


Details: a critical mass bike ride for Extinction Rebellion! Beginning in Loring Park, ending at the Environmental Justice Earth Day Celebration on Northrop Mall, University of Minnesota.

Monday, April 22nd

When and where: 6-10 PM, Moon Palace Books and Music, 3032 Minnehaha Ave South


Details: Benefit concert for Anti-colonial Land Defense, frontline Indigenous led water protectors and resisters of the planet-killing carbon capitalism infrastructure in northern Minnesota, hosted by Extinction Rebellion Twin Cities (XRTC), featuring:

6:00pm Bato Bato

7:00pm Wooden Shoe Ramblers

8:00pm The Gated Community

9:00pm Ungrateful Little String Band


Orlando, FL

Meet the XR-Orlando local chapter coordinator to learn about XR and how you can and should be involved. Look for the person wearing a black rose boutonniere and the business card shown in the event image above. Lake Eola Park, Pagoda Area, NE corner. 10.00 – 2. 00.

Tampa Bay, FL

Rep. Castor: Tell the truth about the climate emergency!

When: Monday, April 15th 4pm – 6pm

Event links:

Details: Funeral procession for the Earth and rally for a climate emergency at Kathy Castor’s office building in Tampa. Castor is Chair of the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis and is the U.S. Representative for Florida’s 14th congressional district, serving in Congress since 2007. Castor recently introduced the Climate Action Now Act (H.R. 9) to ensure that the U.S. meets climate goals agreed in Paris in 2015. However, these goals are inadequate to prevent a global climate catastrophe, calling for a cut in U.S. greenhouse gas emissions of just 26% by 2025. (For more on the argument for much more rapid cuts, see: )

Join us as we rally outside of representative Castor’s office to pressure her and the Committee to tell the truth about the climate emergency we are facing. We will hold a street theater “funeral for the Earth,” with a mock coffin and procession. Make your own sign or use one of ours, we will have extras available. Black or dark clothing is encouraged but not required.

Tuesday, April 16th 4pm – 6pm

Demand stronger, emergency carbon cuts at St. Pete City Hall

Details: Rally for stronger, emergency carbon cuts at St. Petersburg City Hall. St Pete is currently on course to cut emissions by just 80% by 2050. This goal is insufficient to prevent climate catastrophe. City council will be reviewing and voting for approval of this target and the city’s Integrated Sustainability Action Plan on Thursday, April 18th. Concerned citizens will rally with Extinction Rebellion Tampa Bay to demand a reduction of carbon emissions to net zero by 2025, and demand that the government tell the truth about the climate emergency.

Thursday, April 18th 11:30am – 1pm

Noise demo against TECO and their fracked gas expansion!

Details: In solidarity with our neighbors and all communities damaged by fracking pollution, Extinction Rebellion Tampa Bay will hold a noise demonstration outside of the TECO offices in downtown Tampa. TECO is currently planning a fracked gas expansion project at its Big Bend power plant in Apollo Beach, a move opposed by thousands of local people.
We will rally for an end to fracked gas and all fossil fuels, and a reduction of carbon emissions to net zero by 2025. Join us! Come as you are, bring a sign and a noisemaker, or use one of ours! Bring children, instruments or pots and pans, and enjoy venting your rage at the fossil fuel economy!

Friday, April 19th   10am – 1pm

Solidarity with Student Climate Strikers!

Details: In solidarity with the 1.6 million students who went on climate strike on March 15th, and every Friday, we will hold a protest, funeral procession and die-in outside of Tampa City Hall days before the mayoral runoff election. Frontrunner Jane Castor’s current climate mitigation proposals go no further than plans to make city-owned assets 100% renewable by 2045. We intend to bring science homework. If you can only come to one event, please make it this one if possible. More is being planned for this action.  



Monday 15th– 12:00 Declaration of Rebellion – in front of the Vienna City Hall

Tuesday 16th & Wed 17th:  swarming road blocks in Vienna

Friday 19th:  Funeral March in Vienna.

Press contact:



Monday April 15 – 8am – Giant human XR logo in the middle of European HQ’s &  – 11am – secret blockade

Wednesday April 17 – supporting Via Campensia at an action in Namur

Saturday April 20 –  1pm – Spontaneous speeches on climate change all around Brussels & 5pm: die – in – mall



Monday April 15 – A coffin demonstration with a coffin full of pictures and names of extinct species.

Czech Republic


Monday April 22  – Time yet to be determined, but possibly overnight on 21.4 depending on logistics. There will be a highly visible action carried out in the Malostranske/Lesser Town area of Prague. We’re hoping to achieve worldwide attention and promote Earth Day.

Contact for media:



Monday April 15: Funeral for the Future: a funeral march through the city.

Tuesday April 16: The Blood of Our Children.

Wednesday April 17: Tell the Truth: reminding politicians of the science!

Contact: Christian Nymark, +45 28 15 00 49




Monday April 15  – in order for action to begin, hope must die. So we will bury it with a funeral procession where some people take part willingly and others… probably not so willingly. At least they will be inside cozy cars. After the march we will send hope on its way and declare an open rebellion and the next actions. Madis Vasser, a local activist: “The estonian word for hope – “lootus”, is really close to the word nature – “loodus”. Hope does not die last, nature dies last. Hope must die well before, in order for nature to survive.”

Tuesday April 16 – We’re fucked, and we need to shout it from the rooftops. Or from other visible places. With banners. Big banners. Also, to lift the mood, we will paint the streets with XR symbols. Did you know that the “do not park” traffic sign is literally just two straight lines away from the extinction logo? We shall host a challenge to see who can transform the most signs in a day. We are in a hurry after all!

Wednesday April 17 – Everything is awesome when you are a part of a team. And you do swarming. On the main intersections. While painting the streets. Best to leave your car home that day. Also, some highly illegal tree planting might be in order too.

Thursday April 18 – MORE TREES! Estonians love trees.

Friday April 19 – National holiday. Time to connect with loved ones. Send a letter perhaps. Or read one. Publicly. For Earth. Wherever we find people to listen to us.

Saturday April 20  – All this rebelling takes the breath away. So we’ll do some die-ins at the way-too-many malls in Tallinn.

Sunday April 21 – We have grieved, we have rebelled, we have rested. Now we party. Where? On the streets of course!



Monday April 15: Declaration of Rebellion Helsinki, Lahti and Tampere
Rebellion Statement at Railway Station at 16.00 A public declaration of rebellion.

Elonkehän deep ecology zine panel discussion at 17:00.

A design-a-rebellion hang-out group where it has been designed as an inclusive space to bring the people together in a relaxed way and at the same time refine the plans for the rest of the week. Live music by Mummin kullat and food sharing. Place tbc.

Tuesday April 16:

Panu Pihkala Climate Diligence Workshop at the harbour as a free city event. After the workshop semi-spontaneous dance performance in the streets.

Wednesday April 17:

Die-in against 6th mass extinction of species in Lahti at 16.00

The plans are open, but under consideration are workgroups for NVDA and preparation for spontaneous happenings.

Marcus Petz, national coordinator said “Finland currently has had a government of failure. It has failed to find jobs for its people. It has failed to carry out the needed SOTE health care and social reform. And now it is failing to take the needed action on climate change. A

‘After these elections will it carry on failing? We the people of Finland are rising up to rebel with non violent direct action in our thousands along with millions around the world. Rebellion Week is a fun, participative action to demand the truth on climate change and the environmental crisis. We want not just empty words but zero carbon for all our futures. We are ready for change.”



Friday April 12: Action against the textile industry

April 14-15:  Advertisement Campaign – big format

Friday April 19th: “BLOCK THE REPUBLIC!” XR France in partnership with the organisers ANV COP21, Amis de la Terre and Greenpeace will block major axes in Central Paris.

Monday 22nd: Blood of our children, Paris

Swarming actions to take place in Paris during the week.

Information about actions elsewhere in France:


Sunday 14th:  Advertisement Campaign in Marseille 


Monday 15th (and 29th): In French Brittany, Advertisement Campaign, and occupation of central square in the town of Morlaix in order to illustrate the rise in sea level

Wednesday 17th: XR in partnership with an International action related to farmers situation (not certain to happen)



Monday April 15: Declaration and blockades of bridges: we will declare the rebellion to the government in front of the parliament at five past twelve, including speeches and performances. In the afternoon, we will have a legal assembly on an important bridge over the river Spree (with music and dance under the slogan “If I can’t dance it’s not my rebellion”), starting at 2 pm. Around 3 pm we will start blocking further bridges over the Spree by disobedient and nonviolent sitting blockades.

Wednesday April 17: Action rally on the topic of agriculture. We will do legal and disobedient actions at different places in the city centre and demand a fundamental change of agriculture including a drastic reduction of animal production and consumption in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to free up land for carbon sequestration and conservation.

Thursday April 20: We will protest against shopping, consumer culture and fast fashion in a big mall and highlight the destructive effects of the fashion industry on climate, environment and people.

Saturday April 27: Mass die-in and celebration.


After having declared the Rebellion to our government on the 15th in Berlin, XR Frankfurt will have their local rebellion week 16th to the 21th of April. We will have different actions planned, like followed:

Tuesday April 16: Swarming.

Wednesday April 17: Regeneration Day in the park with music, XR talk, theater, yoga, banner and textile painting, seedbomb making and much more, for everyone to join!

Thursday April 18: We will confront the banks with an action drawing attention to their investments in future destruction.

Friday April 19: March of grief.

Saturday April 20: Die Ins all around the Zeil, one of the main shopping streets in Europe.

Sunday April 21: Truly Standing action in front of our Dome waiting for the people to come outside with candles in our hands, asking them for help.


Monday April 15: Crafting for the Rebellion Week @ Autonomes Zentrum

Where: (  from 10AM

Tuesday April 16: Picnic to relax, chill & tune in for our local rebellion wee

When and where: 4pm at Grüngürtel next to Colonius (TV-Tower,

Wednesday April 17: Action-Training

When and where:  10AM-1PM , Hambi Camp 2.0 ( Preparing for the action on tuesday /

Die-In Walk through central cologne – meeting point & intro @ Hohenzollernbrücke at the Rhine (
We will declare the rebellion in front of the Dom and do multiple Die-In’s on our way to Neumarkt.

Thursday April 18: Swarming “The time of fossil fuel is over now!” Startpoint Kaiserplatz ( at 10AM /

Crafting for the fish (see the demonstration on friday) @ Autonomes Zentrum  ( from 3PM

Friday April 19: Demonstration “Fish for Future”  – XR meets Fridays for Future -We rebel against mass extinction


Cycling for survival – starting with a half an hour of talks/speeches we’ll go around the Alster.

Where and when:  Saturday April 20, 2:30PM at Gerhart-Hauptmann-Platz


Sunday April 14  : Night-Tagging action, with colourful XR posters and flyers, as well as the hanging of a big XR banner at a scaffold in front of the college canteen in the old town. Event:

Monday April 15 : Proclamation of the rebellion week at the same college canteen, where the banner is hanging. Die-in at the University square. Event:

Tuesday April 16 : Demonstration about climate suitable building for the future. Event:  Later on that day: Swarming on a bridge.



Event title: Kihalni esélyes! | Extinction Rebellion Budapest

When and where: various events between 15-27 April. The main event is a protest in Budapest on the 27th

Details: Extinction Rebellion Hungary is planning a protest on 27th April to pressure decision makers and individuals to act on climate change. In the preceding two weeks, we are organizing various events in Budapest. The main focus of these is informing the public about climate change and raising awareness of the importance of immediate action. The events will include roundtable discussion, ARTivisim workshop, discussion about degrowth and many more.

The Hungarian government claims to care about the environment and climate change, but only on paper as part of their populist politics. In reality, Hungary keeps campaigning for less emission regulations, and favours German car factories over the environment. The public awareness of climate change is quite low in Hungary, that is why we will include informative, educational events, and talk about individual and collective actions as well.


City: Dublin

Event title: Day of Rebellion

Website/facebook event:

When and where: From 1pm, Friday 19 April at The Spire, O’Connell Street Dublin.

Details: In support of the the International Rebellion, Extinction Rebellion Ireland will occupy O’Connell Bridge in the centre of Dublin from 1.00pm onwards, with speakers and music highlighting the ecological and environmental crisis we all now face. Traffic will be stopped and peaceful civil disobedience will take place.


Simultaneous actions in Rome, Milan, Turin

Monday April 15
Before dawn, banner drop in main location.
11.00 AM, then again 12.00 noon, then again 1.00pm

Gathering in main square or visible place, sounding the alarm, TELL THE TRUTH with a shortened version of the Declaration of Rebellion and the core XR demands. Followed by die-in.
From 3.30 pm onwards, flyposting of extinction rebellion logo with Italian website written in small capitals, sticking them to the most relevant locations.

Similar programme on Tuesday April 16    

Wednesday April 17

Guerrilla gardening at dawn or dusk / night. Contacts with Via Campesina sought but weak link, hence no real direct link but we do consider this as part of solidarity with Via Campesina.

Thursday April 18 and/or Friday April 19

Cyclist critical mass becomes the main traffic in town, to highlight insanity of our transportation systems.
Other actions are happening in each town.


Monday April 15  Press release

Tuesday April 16

4.30 pm Art happening at the “Auditorio della Musica” building the XR Symbol with bodies and plants

Friday April 19 (if not feasible, other possible date 27 April)
Alarm sound performance (similar to at Dorking, UK, but likely not blocking traffic)

Details of other action are not available as of today. Other small actions will be performedin Turin and Milan such as e.g. a plastic attack


On Saturday 20th, dinosaurs will show up in front of the RAI, Italian Radio & TV broadcasting seat. Alarm. Declaration of Rebellion. Die-in.

Contact; Marco +39 334 2498125



13:00 – 15:00 – Briefing at Lange Voorhout 102 (in the garden)
15:00 – 16:30 – Demonstration with speeches at Het Plein
16:30 – 17:00 – Symbolic action at het Binnenhof

What? We will start the afternoon by reading the Declaration of Rebellion (in English). With this we will declare to no longer wait idly by, but to rise up against the Dutch government and rebel! Several speeches will be given to rally us further in this cause. To commence this rebellion, we will head towards the Binnenhof, where we will use an artistic splash to show that the Dutch government’s policies and inaction on the climate front is causing a real-life toll.


Much of this action is confidential, but it should be known we will occupy 1 building. Participants will get a briefing in advance of the action. The risk of arrest during this action will be quite present. If you would like to take part in this action please come to an NVDA training, a briefing or get in touch by sending an email to

Meeting point: 9:00 @Grand Café Utopie, Waldeck Pyrmontkade 116


Student groups within Extinction Rebellion Netherlands will call on their Universities to take action in response to climate catastrophe through a demonstrative “die-in” action. All through-out the Netherlands student groups will perform die-ins to strengthen this call to action. Check here to see if there’s a student-group in your city.


What?We will use a technique called ‘Swarming’ to disrupt daily life. Swarming means multiple groups will spread through The Hague, blocking roads for 7 minutes at a time, to bring gridlock to the city. By doing this, we make people consider the destruction we cause and the imminent threat of climate crisis we try so hard to ignore. The impact for each individual will be small (a few minutes late for work), but because of the cumulative effect, we will hit the economy and force politicians to respond.

Meeting point: 14:00, Lange Voorhout 102, Den Haag


We are going to march through the city in a funeral procession. This is a way to commemorate the victims of the destruction of our planet and to mourn.

Meeting point: Shell Nederland; Weena 70, Rotterdam 13:00


We will use a technique called ‘Swarming’ to disrupt daily life. Swarming means multiple groups will spread through Amsterdam, blocking roads for 7 minutes at a time, to bring gridlock to the city. By doing this, we make people consider the destruction we cause and the imminent threat of climate crisis we try so hard to ignore. The impact for each individual will be small (a few minutes late for work), but because of the cumulative effect, we will hit the economy and force politicians to respond.

Meeting point: 7:30 @Nieuwe Looiersstraat 31, Amsterdam


During the King’s day celebrations we are going to welcome the king in Amersfoort. Details will follow, but bring your swimming shorts!

Meeting point: 9:00 in Amersfoort (exact location TBA)


Monday April 15: Funeral Procession directed at the government, with explicit criticism of Norway’s plans to produce oil and gas until 2070.
Primeminister Erna Solberg likes saying: “The person who will shut down the last of Norway’s oil platforms has not yet been born.”  We will work to ensure shut-down happens much sooner.

Saturday April 20: Meet XR Norway

We will run two stalls, with various ways for people to interact with members of XRN.  The locations are busy thoroughfares in the city. We’ll answer questions, register new members, hand out information and print the XR logo on clothing, bags and other items.

Contact information:

Media contact:  
Stein Leikanger,
Silje Årnes,


Thursday April 18: ‘Car die-out’ action where a car will be set up in a significant location marked with a sign saying ‘climate change’ with ‘dead’ by-standers surrounding it.

Friday April 19: holding a regeneration event to clean up a huge abandoned fort

Monday April 20: plastering Warsaw and possibly other cities with stickers and posters focused on ‘Tell the Truth’


Throughout the week of 15 April, various affinity groups will organize non-violent direct actions on several topics. The topics are energy, transport, decision making, food, fashion, greenwashing and waste.




Event: Bike Strike

When: Action begins at 17:00 on Monday April 15

We will begin with a group of people on bikes, similar to critical mass, and hold a bike protest, locking the main central ring road of Ljubljana. In Slovenia, transport is the No.1 polluter and the main source of greenhouse gases, which is why we are targeting the transport policies in our country.  



Actions begins at 18:30 on Monday April 15  – Catalunya Square – where an XR logo will be displayed and then taken to St Jaume square, to the city’s and Catalunya’s government.


Begin early morning on Monday April 15 with activists arriving from the whole country– set the tone for the week – obstruct traffic  and performance Die-In symbolic with species under risks of extinction – spread the message


Taking a symbolic action, the declaration will be read out.


Local town hall protest – in spirit of Madrid


Will be holding a protest gathering in one of its main squares at 18:30 during which the declaration of rebellion will be read out.


To hold a public reading of the declaration.



XR Scania will  have an action Monday April 15 in Stockholm, with the regional group XR Sweden and other local groups in Sweden.


XR Gothenburg will take part in the national action in Stockholm on Monday April 15 and also hold a blockade in central Gothenburg on the 17th and a funeral procession for extinct species on the 19th.

A local action in Malmo and two local actions in Lund.



Saturday April 13 : Declaration of Rebellion was read out


Monday April 15: Festive breakfast to block an important bridge in the city + possible escalation in the days after


Thursday April 18: Possible action in Banks in and the days after

Neuchâtel and Geneva

During the week of April 15 at different time: Actions against Commercial ads


Saturday April 27: Climate die-ins


Saturday April 20: Climate die-ins

United Kingdom

City: Edinburgh

CONTACT Mim:  +44 7507888837 / Myke: +44 7904591052

Date: 15 April 2019

Event Title: Festival of Climate Reality


Scotland’s International Rebellion begins with a Festival of Climate Reality at Lister Building at the University of Edinburgh from 10am to 5pm. This event is open to all ages, with events specifically for kids! There will be workshops, crafts, arts, talks, trainings and a regenerative wellbeing space.

Room 1: “Heading for Extinction, and What to Do About It”: Laying out the true extent of the climate crisis and ecological collapse – and why now is the time to rebel. We will be repeatedly presenting this talk throughout the day.

Room 2: Solutions: Solution-focused speeches, workshops, sign-up spaces and trainings will run throughout the day, including an “Introduction to Non-Violent Direct Action” workshop.

Room 3a: Art Zone: A space for empowering individuals of all ages to engage in collective creative resistance. The aim is to enable people to process the reality of our situation and translate the trauma of this into truthful expression.

Room 3b: Regeneration Zone: Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of XR as an activist movement is its focus on a regenerative culture that works as a support mechanism for its rebels and wider society. Our regenerative culture focus group will provide a safe space to heal and process the emotional and psychological aspects of our reality.

Date: 16 April 2019

Event Title: Climate Emergency Roadblock


Taking to the streets, on the second day of Scotland’s International Rebellion rebels will block off North Bridge in the centre of Edinburgh between 3pm and 9pm, creating mass disruption in Scotland’s capital city.

The road block will be preceded by a ‘critical mass’ bike ride, where a block of cyclists will cover the road wearing signs, flags, and bright colours, slowing the traffic before it is stopped altogether.

In our reclaimed street, there will be a party, a ceilidh, and joyous rebellion. We are inviting speakers, musicians, poets and artists, but everyone is welcome to speak.


Event title: International Rebellion

Website/facebook event: /

When and where: From 11am Monday 15 April across four locations for two weeks – Marble Arch, Oxford Circus, Waterloo Bridge, Parliament Square. Extinction Rebellion Youth will be meeting at 11am Piccadilly Circus

Actions: In the UK, Earth Marches from around the country will converge on London, where thousands will peacefully join Extinction Rebellion to take to the streets, seizing and occupying Marble Arch, Oxford Circus, Waterloo Bridge, Parliament Square, with Extinction Rebellion Youth meeting at 11am Piccadilly Circus. These will be held day and night until the demands are met. There will be people’s assemblies, art actions, music, theatre and dance, talks, workshops, food and family spaces. Rebels will camp at Marble Arch while holding all-night candlelit vigils, interfaith events, musical performances, sober raves, and other entertainments and activities at the other four. Spreading outwards from these sites, rebels will block roads and escalate creative nonviolent direct actions, including targeting the London Underground tube train network, progressively shutting down the city until the Government responds.

Mim Black, Extinction Rebellion, Edinburgh, said: “The Government is criminally negligent of its duty to protect its citizenry and has been for decades. Even now, with the latest IPCC report laying out for them just how dire the situation is, they continue to bicker and squabble over the meaningless trivia of Brexit. This cannot be allowed to go on. We have to rebel.

“Bizarrely, as terrifying as it all is, it’s also tremendously exhilarating. We are about to have a truly International Rebellion, across the whole world, all six continents inhabited by humanity. A peaceful revolution at which we sing and dance and have fun. If that’s not worth being alive for, and trying to make sure that we all stay alive for, then I don’t know what is.”

Notes to editors

About Extinction Rebellion:

Time has almost entirely run out to address the ecological crisis which is upon us, including the 6th mass species extinction and abrupt, runaway climate change. Societal collapse and mass death are seen as inevitable by scientists and other credible voices, with human extinction also a possibility, if rapid action is not taken.

Extinction Rebellion believes it is a citizen’s duty to rebel, using peaceful civil disobedience, when faced with criminal inactivity by its government.

Extinction Rebellion’s key demands are:

  • Government must tell the truth by declaring a climate and ecological emergency, working with other institutions to communicate the urgency for change.
  • Government must act now to halt biodiversity loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025.
  • Government must create and be led by the decisions of a Citizens’ Assembly on climate and ecological justice.

Get involved in Extinction Rebellion:

UK website:

International website:


Twitter: hashtag #ExtinctionRebellion

Declaration of Rebellion:

About Rising Up!

Extinction Rebellion is an initiative of the Rising Up! network, which promotes a fundamental change of our political and economic system to one which maximises well-being and minimises harm. Change needs to be nurtured in a culture of reverence, gratitude and inclusion; whilst the tools of civil disobedience and direct action are used to express our collective power.




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