BREAKING: Extinction Rebellion Gridlocks London traffic at Vauxhall, Tower Bridge, Earl’s Court, Elephant & Castle plus more - Extinction Rebellion UK

BREAKING: Extinction Rebellion Gridlocks London traffic at Vauxhall, Tower Bridge, Earl’s Court, Elephant & Castle plus more

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Climate Factsheet for Rebels


  • The movement is demanding urgent action from the Government on the climate and ecological emergency.


Swarming protests have been been taking place since 7am this morning at traffic hotspots across London including Vauxhall, Tower Bridge, Earl’s Court and Elephant and Castle, as part of Extinction Rebellion’s escalating climate activism.


Extinction Rebellion would like to extend their sincere apologies to members of the public who have been affected, and remind them that this relatively minor inconvenience could save us all from catastrophic consequences in years to come. We have informed the police, and will of course allow emergency vehicles to pass.


These disruptive protests aim to cause gridlock across the capital, highlighting the impending economic and environmental breakdown we face if the Government fails to act now. Extinction Rebellion demands the Government tell the truth the about the climate and ecological emergency.


Reportedly, with eleven people, tailbacks have occurred as far as Heathrow from Earl’s Court. An estimated 100 people are involved in today’s actions across London.


These roadblocking protests will continue tomorrow and Friday ahead of Rebellion Day 2 –  this Saturday 24th in Parliament Square.




Angela, graphic designer, 32

“I’ve tried everything – I’ve written to my MP, been part of protests year after year, signed all the petitions and donated to all the major environmental NGOs, but nothing has happened. There’s been no progress on climate action. We have to do more. Maybe it is just down to us, concerned citizens, to step beyond our comfort zones and disrupt – so that the Government understands we are not going to give up and we will keep demanding, louder and louder for climate action.”


Josie, 23, Bristol

“I think it’s going well – a little light disruption to raise awareness of the biggest threat to our future – climate change. We need to do everything we can to spark some thoughts, plant some seeds, and also – it’s just good to be part of this community – to act and resist together. We are planting seeds to grow some new ideas.”


Phil Kingston, lecturer in social work, 82, who was arrested on Blackfriars Bridge on Saturday (Rebellion Day):

“The best bit was going on the bus, the driver invited me on. He knew we had been there about 6 minutes by then. When I said my bit to people downstairs, he said to me to go upstairs. I gave out all the leaflets to explain why I was there, for their kids and my grandkids.”


Dr. Larch Maxey, Research Fellow at the University of Plymouth, 46:

“I’m really amazed at how well it has gone. Literally on Vauxhall, everything just backed up, the traffic is flowing but really, really slowly. It is clearly causing a lot of economic disruption which is what you have to do to get the Government to listen. In terms of reaction from people, when they hear that this is about climate change they understand. We’ve had so many people thanking us, even had a high-five.”

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