No Going Back – Extinction Rebellion UK

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No Going Back


30 April 2020
00:00 - 23:30


Extinction Rebellion UK



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Extinction Rebellion UK

We are in the middle of an unprecedented moment. We will have to rebuild, and we could do this with a sustainable world that holds respect for the planet and all people in equal measure.

Staring next Thursday, 30th April, we make clear that we will not tolerate any return to a system that was needlessly destroying the planet and failing to recognise the value of all.

We will begin by flyposting a clear message to the Government on the doors of the most environmentally ruinous and exploitative industries in our society. A full Action Guide is available here:

In this moment of darkness, we need to bring attention to the glowing future we could have before us.

This is just the beginning.


For updates >>> Join the telegram chat:

For those who have access to a printer, the poster is >>> linked in this folder:

Examples of area specific targets to poster:
Bristol –

London –

(This list will be updated as we receive regional/national specific lists from coordinators. Please send any lists you have made to

Action Outline:

Once getting the poster, whether ordered from Solopress (full details in Action Guide above), or printed off at home:

On the 30th of April you and your friends or local group members should go separately to your identified targets and paste the poster across the doors of the businesses. Please paste it in a way that the doors of the business cannot be opened without tearing the poster.

You will need to use a wallpaper paste (order from ebay here: or home-made poster glue, you will find a very easy recipe here (

The fly posting should be done by 9pm on the 30th when we will all post pictures of our messages online.

Social media action follow up:

Once you have pasted the poster to a door, it’s time to get a picture!

If you can go with someone in your household to do this action, and get them to take a prettier photo of you and the relevant business in the same shot, perfect! If it’s you on your own, and you just get a selfie with the poster, that’s also great.

Either way it is essential to get the picture. We each have a story for why we are doing this, we must make sure others hear it. Who you are matters, what you say matters.

Alone together, we will then post that picture on social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatever you can, at 9pm with:


+ whatever honest message you would like to leave addressing the Government as to why you have put up that poster. You can do this by using their official social media handle @GOV UK in your message (this just means typing @GOV UK in whatever you write).

This is a crucial component of the action, as we expect the posters to be gone by the morning. So, social media posts will be the only way to mark the action, and continue the discussion online.

It’s also crucial to getting your money reimbursed by Open Collective (Full details in Action Guide above).

That’s it for this action.

No Going Back is just getting started though, so stay tuned for further actions!

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