XR UK #ElectionRebellion Hunger Strike for People and Planet


18 November 2019


25 November 2019


United Kingdom



hosted by

Extinction Rebellion UK

??????????? XR Global Hunger Strike — starts on Monday November 18th In 26 countries!!

We will force the institutions to look us in the eyes and listen to our requests. This time we choose sacrifice; the individual sacrifice. We will stop eating. Our bodies will be their alarm.

In the UK we will be outside Political Party Head Quarters in London and in Cardiff. Everyone is encouraged to join us there!

We meet at 9.30 AM, Parliament Square, Gandhi statue.

We are employing this last resort tactic after more than three decades of petitions, protests and campaigns have failed to secure the urgently needed responses to mitigate ecological and climate breakdown. Greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase and widespread ecological destruction is accelerating. Our leaders have abandoned us as the catastrophe escalates with each passing day.

We’ll also come together in communities around the UK.
In Cambridge striking rebels will hold a foodless feast to highlight food vulnerability. In Totnes they’ll hold vigils outside parties’ offices.

Join us as we ?Declare #ElectionRebellion ? and launch the Election Rebellion’s first action: XR Global Hunger Strike!

We need everyone, especially non-hunger strikers to show support, raise our spirits, sing, block print, and kick off this #ElectionRebellion and the Hunger Strike!

Dozens of UK rebels will be on hunger strike all week, some until December 12th demanding to meet party leaders and get party support for XRs #ThreeDemandsBill which you can read HERE:

>>> https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dXZif0DtyUkwUwQvj6XRQbFY_QwwoIUK

We strike in solidarity with people starving because of climate and ecological breakdown and to force governments to confront the crisis by enacting Extinction Rebellion’s three demands.

820 million people already suffer from hunger and starvation worldwide while billions of are at risk of starvation and death from climate and ecological collapse.

This action aims to highlight how millions are already living through the hell of our #PlanetaryCrisis. Migrant justice and the rights of indigenous peoples must be put at the heart of efforts to end the climate and ecological breakdown.

We need supporters all week and especially Monday — we have surprises for you!

Find more about the XR Global Hunger Strike HERE:

>>> https://www.facebook.com/events/2637555322972382/

See you there!



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