XR Rainbow Rebellion – October 7 2019


07 October 2019

14 October 2019

19:00 – 22:00


London, United Kingdom, London, United Kingdom



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XR Rainbow Rebellion

XR Rainbow Rebellion invites you – the LGBTQIA+ community – to join us in London on October 7th

Who we are

XR Rainbow Rebellion is the LGBTQ+ movement within Extinction Rebellion UK. We’re a diverse network, hailing from all walks of life, united in our belief that climate breakdown and ecological crisis is an LGBTQ+ issue.

What we believe

As Rainbow Rebels, we believe there’s no pride in ecocide. LGBTQ+ people – particularly migrants, disabled people, trans folk and people of colour – are facing disaster on multiple fronts: austerity is killing us off in vast numbers; hate crimes against us have risen exponentially since the 2008 financial crises and more recently, the EU referendum; homelessness is rising, with 24% of homeless youth identifying as LGBTQ+; and the migrants who seek refuge here from discrimination in their home countries are frequently sent back to their deaths on air-polluting chartered flights by the Home Office – the same Home Office who have the gall to use our flag on their Twitter avatar during Pride month.

As climate breakdown and the ecological crisis accelerates, we believe it is the same marginalised and minoritised communities who will be hit first and worst. We refuse to let that happen.

What we plan to do

On October 7th, as part of a nationwide day of action hosted by Extinction Rebellion, we plan to occupy and queer a space in central London. We want to show that LGBTQ+ people are invested in the fight for our collective future, that we will show up for climate justice in the same way we show up for LGBTQ+ liberation. We hope to have live talks, live bands, music, games, all-round revelry and plenty of biodegradable glitter. This will be a peaceful, life-affirming and non-violent action.

What we hope to achieve

We hope that this act of mass act of LGBTQ+ civil disobedience will speak to the people in our communities who feel curious, unsure or ambivalent about Extinction Rebellion’s rainbow credentials. We hope to reconcile our fight for equality with the fight for climate justice, and to reaffirm the messages that climate change will impact minoritised groups the hardest. We hope that, in creating this space for our LGBTQ+ family within XR, you will join us and our allies in the fight for our future. Most of all, we hope that this action shows big polluters and their friends in government that we won’t be quiet. Silence = death. No more pinkwashing, no more pollution, no more business as usual. Join us on the Rainbow Bridge this October!

We welcome all LGBTQIA-identifying rebels, seasoned activists and newbies alike. Help us make this a spectacle the government can’t ignore. Join our Facebook Group or get in touch via email to find out more and get involved.

XR Rainbow Rebels email: rainbowrebellion@protonmail.com

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