XR London: Acquit for Amazonia – Crown Court support


20 July 2020

03 August 2020

09:30 – 09:30


Southwark Crown Court, London, United Kingdom



hosted by

Extinction Rebellion UK

#ActForAmazonia – our Earth is on fire, and we will rise to protect it and each other. Come to support at the trial to stand in solidarity with the #Amazonia6, the rainforest, and Brasil’s Indigenous environmental defenders!

6 Rebels from the #XRSnowflakes, the Anti-Fracking Nanas and Christian Climate Action are being tried in Southwark Crown Court for peacefully standing up in defence of the Amazon and Indigenous rights. They protested against the ecocide and racist, homophobic policies of Jair Bolsonaro and Brazil’s genocidal far-right government.

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The 6 defendants stand accused of Criminal Damage at the Brazilian Embassy – but when the Amazon burns and corrupt politicians profit, blaming NGOs and imprisoning Earth Protectors, who is doing the real damage? When Indigenous, black and LGBTQ+ people are murdered as a result of hate speech, dismantled human rights protections, and a culture of impunity for assassins, who are the real criminals? Our Rebels’ only crime was to Tell the Truth: the Brazilian state has blood on its hands.

Come to stand outside wearing black to mourn those lost to these horrific injustices, red to symbolise Indigenous blood (#NotASingleDropMore !), or green to represent the wild and forests we are Rebelling for. We welcome candles, placards, photographs and posters depicting those killed defending our Earth and resisting fascism and genocide. Please be respectful of other cultures, and refrain from wearing that is not from your background (e.g., please do not wear Indigenous/Native American headdresses if you are not of Indigenous descent).

The trial will begin July 20th and is expected to last 3 weeks, so if you can’t make it on the 20th please feel free to come and support another day. Supporters are welcome to attend the hearing in the public gallery. However, please allow priority for these limited seats to go to friends & family of the defendants and jounarlists/reporters as a priority. Another event will be created for the date of the verdict and/or sentencing.

The true crimes against humanity and nature happening in Brasil are being ignored and go unpunished. For justice to be done, these Rebels must be found Not Guilty. Let’s make some noise outside when the trial starts to tell the judge and jury to make the right choice:
Acquit for Amazonia!

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