XR in Solidarity@The Afrikan Emancipation Day Reparations March – Extinction Rebellion UK

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XR in Solidarity@The Afrikan Emancipation Day Reparations March


01 August 2019
09:00 - 21:00


Windrush Square, London, SW2 1, United Kingdom

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XR Connecting Communities

XR rebels, come and march in solidarity on the 1st of August to submit collections of the ‘Stop The Maangamizi: We charge Genocide/Ecocide!’ petition to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II through the Prime Minister’s Office of Her Majesty’s Government of 10 Downing Street, London.

Upon gathering at Windrush Square, please find XR stewards, clearly visible in hi-vis and XR flags and await signposting from the stewards to collectively join the marc as part of the Ubunto non-african allies bloc.If you are joining the march mid-way as an XR rebel and/or white allies, please join us in the Ubunto bloc.

“Stop the harm is the first step to repairing the damage!”

This year’s theme: ‘Stop Terminating Our People:
Redressing Youth Mentacide/Ecocide’

This year’s theme is proposed because of the autogenocide of our youth in terms of intra community violence and killing which are a result of institutionalised Mentacide that is fostered by this system. We need to pay more attention to Ecocide and raise our awareness of genocidal and environmental racism of which the demographic dimensions play into our demise. This year’s theme is informed and inspired by Dr Amos Wilson’s work on Black on Black Violence in Service of White Annihilation.

The Government has told us that we are doing OK and Reparations is not the answer. Join us in telling them they are incorrect!

Transport suggestions:
Coach leaving from Bristol

Manchester – National Express Cost £18.60
Leave Manchester Coach Station, Chorlton Street 5:30 – arrive London Victoria Approx 11:10
Leave London Victoria 19:00 – arrive back at Manchester at 24:00

Leeds: National Express Cost £16.90
Leave Leeds Coach Station, Dyer Street 06:15 – Arrive London Victoria approx 11:30
Lave London Victoria 18:30 – arrive back in Leeds 23.05

Birmingham: National Express Cost £12.00
Leave Birmingham Coach Station, Digbeth 06:15 – Arrive London Victoria approx 09:50
Leave London Victoria 19:00 – arrive back in Birmingham 21:50

The petition reads:
‘In addition to the acts of Genocide/Ecocide perpetuated through various instruments of the British State and its European superstate; acts of Genocide/Ecocide can also be attributed to the British Government’s misuse of resources extorted through taxes from people in the United Kingdom and Afrikan people’s stolen legacy plundered from Afrika and other peoples, communities and nations subjugated to the oppression and exploitation of the British Empire and European Imperialism.’

And further:
‘…the continued, internal occupation, colonisation, destabilisation, terrorisation and oppression of Afrikan heritage communities, the proliferation of guns, the distribution and sale of drugs and the resultant Black on Black self-annihilation has reached epidemic proportions, causing harm to Afrikan heritage communities within and beyond the United Kingdom; prolonging the (Maangamizi) against Afrikan people all over the world; We recognise this harm can only be described as acts of Genocide/Ecocide by the State through its agencies of the police, armed forces, security and intelligence agencies and other organised as well as unorganised manifestations of structural, systemic and institutionalised racism of the white supremacist order of Global Apartheid.’

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