EARTH Wisdom Tenders at the XR International Rebellion London – Extinction Rebellion UK

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EARTH Wisdom Tenders at the XR International Rebellion London


07 October 2019

20 October 2019

10:00 – 17:00





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We will be on the XR FAITH BRIDGE in London from the 7th October 2019
Earth Wisdom Tenders
For all the XR Rebels whose faith, beliefs and spiritual practices are rooted in Ancient or New Earth Wisdom.

We are called the Earth Wisdom Tenders : Tending to all Life on Earth in our troubled time

“We are Earth Wisdom Tenders…
When all sentient beings are our sisters and brothers

When we remember that we belong to the living web of Life

When no laws and no decisions shall pass that in any way could harm the children of all species

When we know that our Earth talks through us of her deep knowledge and wisdom

We are Earth Wisdom Tenders when no land, no waters and no one is owned, colonised nor commercialised for power and control.

Our dear Earth is 4.5 billions years of age, she is our Wise Elder whom we learn from and tend to”.

With Love and Cœurage
Earth Wisdom Tenders


#extinctionrebellion #xrfaithbridge

With Love and Cœurage

“All of us; Soil, Water, Plants, Air, Animals and all Ancestors are Calling you Humans, to Us so we can Save your species. We know and have known for a while that you do not have much time left if you do not wake up to your birthright Belonging to Earth and come Home soon, real real soon. We keep dying, we keep Giving Away our Lives to shake you up from a deep and very long amnesia. Once you can allow the truth and quality of such Love to permeate through your traumatised being and desolate soul you will wake up from a life time of anaesthesia to your immense grief and capacity for Love.”

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