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We Will Not Leave — Declare a Climate & Ecological Emergency!


05 January 2020

12 January 2020

20:00 – 23:00


Parliament of NSW, Sydney, Australia



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Extinction Rebellion Sydney

The scale of destruction of the bushfire crisis in the past week has been catastrophic and devastating.

To address this #PlanetaryCrisis the Australian Government at all levels needs to #TellTheTruth that anthropogenic Climate Breakdown is one of the biggest factors contributing to the increasing severity and risk of these extreme weather events.

If Australia does not decrease its emissions, the scale and severity of these bushfires, of drought, of flooding, of cyclones, of ecosystem destruction will only increase year after year after year.

If you think it was bad this year, things are only going to get worse unless we change NOW.

The Australian Government is still approving new coal mines, the Australian Government does not have a credible emissions reduction plan, the Australian Government is showing no climate leadership.

We are calling on both the State Government of NSW and the Federal Government of Australia to tell the truth and commit to declaring a Climate and Ecological Emergency.

We will hold a vigil at the State Parliament of NSW everyday from 7am to 7pm until both the NSW State and Federal governments declare a Climate and Ecological Emergency.

Join us from 7am Monday, January 6th.

Bring snacks and food, bring signs and banners and flags, bring art supplies to make stuff with, bring things to do, bring hats and water and sunscreen.

Drop by for an hour if you’re at work or come before or after and say hi.

If you’re on vacation come down for the day.

We all need to show and create change and we can only do this TOGETHER!

The more of us that come and demonstrate our power and will for change, the stronger we will be.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian today said: “The weather activity we’re seeing, the extent and spread of the fires, the speed at which they’re doing, the way they attacking communities that have never seen fire is unprecedented. We have to accept that.”

“Normally you have one or two big fires to worry about. We have several of them at the one time, several townships who never ever experienced a threat of bushfire were at threat of being completely wiped out.”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that the fire crisis had escalated to an unprecedented level.

If these bushfires are so unprecedented then why won’t our Government admit that their severity is directly caused by Climate Breakdown, declare a Climate and Ecological Emergency, and start implementing policies that reflect that we need to decrease emissions to zero starting YESTERDAY.

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