Vigil for the Earth


31 August 2020


06 September 2020


Parliament Square, London, United Kingdom



hosted by

Extinction Rebellion Buddhists

United in fierce love for our sacred Earth, we will sit in vigil for the Earth for seven days and nights. We will hold a space of peace and hope amongst the chaos, grounded in our faith, in our trust in each other, and in our love of the Earth. Join us!

All are welcome, whether you’ve meditated or prayed before or not. We will begin on Monday the 31st of August to prepare a sacred space for the rebellion in Parliament Square, and will continue in silence all day and all night, as near to Parliament as we can get, until at least Sunday the 6th of September. Just come along wearing a mask, take a social-distancing ribbon and sit with us – for ten minutes or maybe for part of the night. When you leave you can tie a ‘with love and grief for the Earth’ ribbon around your wrist and take some of the peace with you.

Our location may change and so please do join our Telegram broadcast, here: We have a Facebook group which we set up for our previous 40 days and nights vigil, which was interrupted by coronavirus and which continued at home. Do share your photos and stories there: Rebellion prayer & meditation vigil. We are also looking for people who are willing to sign up for our rota to sit for an hour or more:, especially during the nights – please only write your name on the rota if you can definitely come as we want to make sure there are a few people at a time for safety. If you have questions that aren’t answered, you can email

This vigil is beautiful in its simplicity and powerful in its intent – to come together as people from different faith communities and from all philosophies, and to sit together in our grief and our deep love for our planet. When we did our 40 day and night vigil, many people reported having deep experiences as they sat, and many warm relationships were formed. We sit with humility and compassion in lament for the climate and ecological crisis, and to wish that our leaders and representatives find in themselves the courage to take the urgent action that is necessary to protect our fragile and wounded world. Join us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will we be?
We would like to stay as close as we can to Parliament, without putting ourselves in danger of arrest. We may have to change our location as events unfold. Sign up to the Telegram broadcast to find out where we are, or check our Facebook page.

What do I need to bring?
You might want to bring something to sit on – a chair or blanket – suitable clothes (do check the weather for rain!) and something to drink and eat. Please wear a mask at all times. It can get colder than you think during the nights so be prepared!

Is this an arrestable action?
This event isn’t intended to be arrestable – we will find a place to sit where we aren’t disrupting the public or blocking roads. There is always a very slight risk of arrest during rebellions – if this is a concern do attend a training or speak to your local group for advice.

Do I have to be a member of Extinction Rebellion to attend?
No! All are welcome, especially those who haven’t joined actions before. In fact, this is a perfect action if you haven’t done anything like this before.

Can I join from home?
Yes! Whether we’re sitting or not, we’ll be pausing every day at 9am and 9pm for nine minutes, and so do join us in that. We’d also love it if you sat vigil at home during the rebellion and posted photos onto the Facebook group or let us know by email.

Will there be vigils in other locations?
We hope so! We had a group in Cardiff for the last vigil, and so if you’re interested in being a local organiser do get in touch. All you’ll need is a few people and a banner – simple 🙂

How can I help?
Apart from signing up to the rota (, let people know about us. The power of these actions always depends on whether they are talked about or not. If you feel inspired by this action, please do talk to people and share on your social media.

Will the vigil go on beyond the initial seven days and nights?
This depends on whether people want it to continue!

With love,
Melanie, Yves, Fazeela, Helen & Satya (the vigil team)

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