Victoria: Autumn Rebellion – Begins May 2 – Extinction Rebellion UK

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Victoria: Autumn Rebellion – Begins May 2


01 May 2020

09 May 2020

23:00 – 08:30

This event was cancelled.


Extinction Rebellion VIC, Melbourne, Australia



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Extinction Rebellion VIC

XR Vic acknowledges that we rebel on the stolen land of the Indigenous people of Australia. We pay our deepest respects to our nation’s First Peoples and to elders past, present and emerging.


On 2nd May, Rebels from across Victoria will converge on Melbourne, joining the international Waves of Rebellion, for more than a week of Autumn Rebellion. Please, book the time off work right now, because you don’t want to miss out on this.

The Autumn Rebellion is coming.

Harnessing the grief from a summer of devastating bushfires and our fury at the broken political system, like the phoenix rising from the ashes we will rise and unite for a week+ of creative, visioning and disruptive civil disobedience – because nothing else has worked.

What will the Autumn Rebellion look like? That’s up to all of us. But it’s certain that it will be fun, regenerative, brave, and a crucial piece of this pivotal moment of history, as people across the world act with courage and with fierce love, to Rebel For Life.

Did you know? In one year we have gone from a few hundred people on the mailing list to 10,000 in Victoria as of this week. We’ve gone from one XR Victoria group to dozens of decentralised groups across the state. And this is happening across the globe. This movement is growing. It’s working. And these times of peak action – like the upcoming Autumn Rebellion – are what we build, learn and mobilise for.

Next steps:

Now that you’ve written the dates in your diary and you’ve requested your leave from work and other commitments, there are certain things that you can do to help build for this moment.

If you haven’t yet, head along to an intro talk (see here or facebook for upcoming talks) or watch one online

Find your local group and get involved.

Find a role. What are the working groups? How can you help build the movement? Please tell us more about your skills and interests.

Donate to the rebellion

Help us find an office space.

Did you know? XR Vic currently receives $475 in recurring monthly donations from just 21 people. That’s less than half of one person’s Newstart allowance and we’re supposed to take on the entire government and the broken system that supports them. If you could make a one-off or recurring donation through this fundraiser then we will be able to rent an office in the lead up to the rebellion, provide financial support to rebels who are working tirelessly on the rebellion, and cover costs for artistic materials, training and other things. Every little bit counts.

Look out for more news about the Autumn Rebellion as plans and visions continue to emerge in the following weeks. For now, book the time off work and invite your friends and family to do the same.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is that good people do nothing. Now is the time for us all to learn how to grow our courage, and support each other to do the same.

See you soon.

With Love and Rage.

Extinction Rebellion Victoria

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