”Sovereign-Tea’ Gathering” – Extinction Rebellion UK

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”Sovereign-Tea’ Gathering”


08 April 2022
17:00 - 01:00


Windrush Square, London, United Kingdom



hosted by

Extinction Rebellion Regenerative Cultures


🌍🤍🍵 Fri 8th April 5pm 🍵🤍🌍

‘🍵 ”Sovereign-Tea’ Gathering” 🍵

Remember, Repair and Restore.

With XR ISN, AYN, BCAN & XR Visionary Cultures

In brixTon ~ Windrush Square, Lambeth, London SW2 1EF

🤝🏾An invitation to come and share Tea 4 Truth & Reconciliation

☕ Bring your own picnic blanket and flask/Cup of tea of wild plants beyond fossil fuels, marking indigeneity of these lands to you e.g. nettles, cleavers and global majority plants etc.

🤍 Opportunity to connect, meet and greet

🌍 ‘Remembering’ we are all sovereign to the earth ‘of the soil’ humus, humans and to each other. At this Springtime we PAUSE in humility of what brings us life, represented in seed sovereignty. To grow from seed, save seeds and swap seeds is regeneration. Knowing in repair & restoration the culture of extractivism, corporatization of seed and fossil fuelled tea is extinguishing regeneration within the web of life and any food security globally.

🤍 This nonviolent direct action is rooted in our sovereign connection with the land, to be in relationship with each other and share intentions and visions beyond stories of scarcity and separation.

Regain your own Sovereign-tea.

🍵 Talking tea together as an act of freedom, solidarity and resistance! Join us on Friday 8th 5pm in brixTon and then bring this practice to your affini-tea and communi-tea spaces!

Ideas for tea making beyond fossil fuels

🌍 Why Windrush Square? During the period of the British empire, millions of people were enslaved and transported on ships to work on plantations. The colonising of people and lands also extended to plants, which were often used to create new types of plants, like the ‘London’ plane tree. London’s most common tree and a large one is in Windrush Square. Cultivated, it is said from the seeds of an ‘oriental’ Plane and an American sycamore by John Tradescant (c.1570–1638) in Lambeth in the 1600s. He and his son grew a wide variety of plants, many of which were collected on expeditions across the globe, including on slave ships to England’s earliest American colony, Virginia. Travelling naturalists such as the Tradescants became known as ‘plant hunters’ and transplanted horticultural specimens across the globe. In the process they tapped vast reserves of indigenous knowledge and altered entire ecosystems. The name of the two trees from which the London plane was born reflect this colonial heritage. Though the tree is named after the city in which it has flourished, its origins in Asia and America have been forgotten.

Find out more about this and other colonised plants..
Brixton Botanical Map – Art on the Underground

🤍Sovereign-tea opportunities coming up in your communities and at Rebellion!

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