Shell Out


08 September 2020
12:00 - 01:00


Jubilee Gardens, London, United Kingdom



hosted by

Extinction Rebellion UK

Join us outside Shell to step up the pressure on the fossil fuel giant, after last week’s Lies, Lobbying & Greenwashing action.

This time we demand an end to Shell’s destruction of ecosystems and communities around the world – from atrocities in the Niger Delta to funding police squads currently active in the US.

Thanks to Shell and its crushing of the Ogoni environmental movements, the Niger Delta is now one of the most polluted places on Earth.

And it doesn’t stop. Shell knows that our world is hurtling towards irreversible climate breakdown and has done since the early 80’s.

Yet, company plans include 35 new gas and oil projects by 2025. Alternative energy investment accounts for only approx 5% of the current budget, compared to 95% invested in new gas & oil infrastructure.

It’s time to stop the extraction of fossil fuels, shell out reparations to impacted communities and prepare a just transition for your workers. It’s now or never.


Join us at Jubilee Gardens from 12pm to hear speakers from Global Justice Rebellion, XR Internationalist Solidarity Network, BP or not BP and other movements (approx 45 mins).

We will hold the space with banners, placards, music and XR Art Blockers. Bring your clothes to get printed up!

Colours: black, yellow and red
Bring: placards & chalk
Messages: Shell Out, Reparations Now, Stop Ecocide, Stop The Harm

A creative action will then unfold and lead a march to Parliament over the river.

Final speech at Parliament Square, bringing it back to Government!

Covid aware! Please bring a mask and be mindful in the spaces we hold that this is a socially distanced action.


Join us on the day – all welcome and give your support by taking on a role, get in touch at

> Stewards
> Wellbeing
> Banner and placard holders
> Sustenance


We demand that Shell stops exploration for new oil and gas and begin the rapid process of ending fossil fuel extraction.

We demand that Shell pays reparations to communities impacted by environmental and human rights abuses, especially the Ogoni people of the Niger Delta whose land shell has forcefully
destroyed for decades.

We demand that the Government excludes Shell from all climate negotiations and policy making processes, bans government lobbying by fossil fuel companies, ends tax breaks for oil and gas, and excludes fossil fuel investment from Covid 19 recovery plans.

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