Shell Out of the Science Museum


31 May 2021
13:30 - 01:00


Science Museum, London, United Kingdom



hosted by

Extinction Rebellion Families

Our kids’ Science Museum has sold out to Shell!

We are furious that the museum’s upcoming exhibition on Climate Change, “Our Future Planet”, will be sponsored by Shell!

We will be outside the Science Museum with a big greenwash themed play-in suitable for all ages of kids.

There will be bubbles, a washing line with green clothes, play dough, water squirters and sponges to clean the museum and lots more!

We have to speak out because:

Shell knew about the Climate Crisis for decades but pumped money into climate denial, funding groups such as the Heartland Institute.

Shell is one of the top ten biggest emitting companies but backs groups that lobby against climate regulation. Shell is actively participating in blocking the kind of action that capable of tackling the Climate Crisis.

Shell is responsible for human rights abuses, poisoning land and water in the Niger Delta

Shell invest 90% of their capital in fossil fuels and plan to maintain considerable production of oil.

Our kids love the Science Museum so we cannot stand by while Shell uses it to greenwash their climate crimes!

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