10 September 2022

13 September 2022

10:00 – 10:00


Marble Arch, London, United Kingdom



Life on earth is dying. Our rights are being eroded. Our homes and food are becoming unaffordable. The crisis is everywhere, and it’s happening now.

With not long left until we take to the streets, Extinction Rebellion is building in numbers and gaining momentum. From September 10th we will meet at 10am at Marble Arch in London and make the demand for climate action impossible to ignore.

September will be the first step in a laser focused, strategic plan that sees Extinction Rebellion growing in numbers and building momentum towards June 2023. Politics as usual will do anything to avoid facing up to the reality of the climate and ecological crisis, so without large numbers out on the streets our demands will be ignored.

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Join your local group today to help us reach out to 3.5% of the population.

Save the date for September now, and plan to come and play with the winning team.

The politicians are playing us, they cheat and lie their way to success by distracting and dividing us. It’s time to turn the tables and play our part in putting planetary survival before profit. Don’t wait for someone else, XR won’t save you, there is a job for everyone in building the movement we need to effectively defend life and democracy.

If you believe in a world worth fighting for, join us on September 10th to create the change we need together.

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