Reclaiming The Narrative – Voices United


14 October 2020
18:30 - 01:00


Sova Audio, London, United Kingdom



hosted by

Netil Radio

We start our Black History Month events with Reflections on race and class within the climate movement – Extinction Rebellion.

✊In the wake of George Floyd death, movements are in motion to emphasise and demand action on racial and social injustice across the globe. This tragic moment is an opportunity for us all to learn from others that racial and social injustice still exists, embedded in people’s cultures, workplaces, institutions, here in the UK and worldwide.

💭Regardless if we are in a movement or just doing a day to day job, before and after every action we take, it is important we take a step back and reflect on how it went for us and those around us, and what we learned from it. Appreciating the impact of our actions on others is key in understanding and visualising how we can grow together.

💬Active listening and learning from each others’ experiences is one of the most enriching and thought provoking action we can all take. Because we are curious and eager to learn we want to start a conversation with people from the community and Extinction Rebellion (XR) members to understand if there is a class divide within XR in terms of working class and black and brown people and what can we do about it? How can XR bridge the gap between a seemingly white middle class movement and black and working class communities?

🎙Reclaiming The Narrative is a weekly conversation hosted by PJ & Abdel on Netil Radio.
We are happy to announce the next step of this activity – their own Youtube TV Channel – The Ice Cream Academy.

⏰We’ll see you at 18:30 today live on Facebook and YouTube channel The Ice Cream Academy, to listen, learn and reflect with us.

This event is created with the big help of our friends at Sova Audio (

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