Rebellion Song Day – Everybody Now


15 December 2019
14:00 - 16:00


A High Street near you! (see below for confirmed locations)



hosted by

Extinction Rebellion Grandparents

A gentle and inclusive action

Grandparents and Families invite all rebels and their friends and families to join up with others in your area for a seasonal rendering of songs for the planet. Songs can be played on your phone to help the singalong, or you may be lucky to have a song-carrier in your group.

Around the whole country we shall get together in numerous small groups ( e.g. 3 to 6 ) and sing together – on street corners, on your high street, near the shops, in the park, wherever it’s busy. Being in small groups allows us to cover a larger area and repeats our message to passers by.

We won’t all be singing the same song at the same time! But between those hours we shall know that we are giving voice together. Take flags, placards or sandwich boards, leaflets, encourage passers by to join you. Take photos and post them, live stream, notify local press or whatever increases the coverage of the event.

Here are some song suggestions – but your group may have others. To avoid any possible offence to Christian groups, we are avoiding tunes from carols or any perceived parody of carol singing:

Some steps to set it up

1: Get a group together: contact your local XR families group ( don’t know how to include list ), contact your local XR group – Is there anyone else you can invite – local schools, friends and family, colleagues?

2: Choose a location: somewhere very visible e.g. local high street. Divide into smaller groups to separate out around the area/along the street

3: Create a facebook event and publicise on social media (don’t forget to add us as co-hosts!)

4: Decide on songs – some suggestions above. You may want to meet beforehand to practice

5: Organise materials – could include costumes, banners, placards, flags. Take flyers and sign-up sheets – this is a great opportunity for outreach in your local community

6: Gather at the agreed meeting points, sing together and have fun!!
Take some pictures and share on social media. Please send any to XR grandparents and families, either via Facebook or email (details below)

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