No Food on a Dying Planet: Port of Dover Blockade & Beach Party


21 September 2019
10:00 - 15:00


Dover, Kent, Dover, United Kingdom



hosted by

Extinction Rebellion

Join our non-violent civil disobedience in Dover.

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While politicians rearrange the deckchairs, the British people are heading for starvation due to ecological breakdown.

This is not politics. It’s physics. The Arctic is melting, the forests are burning, the crops are dying. Our society will collapse, and millions will die unless massive emergency action is taken. There is no greater crime. That is why we have to rebel.

Extinction Rebellion is calling for hundreds of brave people, regardless of age or background, to do their duty: for our children, for our communities and for this great nation. Together we will peacefully and non-violently block roads out of Dover.

As much as 50% of the UK’s food is imported through ports like Dover – this food is crucial to feed our nation. While newspapers resound with predictions of empty supermarket shelves as a result of Brexit, this is nothing compared to the misery of climate crisis induced famine and hunger. The Dover road block will highlight the extreme vulnerability of the British people to food insecurity and underline the need for the Government to take emergency action on the climate and ecological crisis.

There is no doubt that this will be a controversial action but rest assured, the Dover Blockade will NOT stop medicine and food supplies getting through. This is a symbolic one-day blockage. It will cause major delays, but nothing critical. Its purpose is to tell to the British public and the Government to WAKE UP; very soon we could have food supply collapse and medicine scarcity because of climate breakdown.

It takes direct action to get this on the agenda. That is why we are blocking Dover, the symbol of our extreme vulnerability. Does the British public want to send its children into a world of destruction and death as the climate breaks down, food supplies collapse and society slides into chaos?

There will be no food on a dead planet, only dead people.
While brave rebels block major roads in and out of the Port of Dover, a ‘Global Beach Party’ will be taking place nearby with music, food and entertainment. Bring your children to Dover on 21st to enjoy activities on the beach while showing solidarity to those risking their freedom for the future of our planet.

We need as many people as possible to participate in this action. Calling all legal observers, arrestee support, welfare and first aiders – we need you! We’ll also need musicians, other creatives, speakers and mass participants to help with road blocking, crowd building and crowd entertaining.

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