Listening circle – XR Southwark


30 March 2020
19:00 - 21:00


Copleston Centre, London, United Kingdom



hosted by

Extinction Rebellion Southwark

In this listening circle we aim to give space to our hope, fears and frustrations. To be expressed freely to a community of empathetic listeners.

Hosted by XR Southwark’s regenerative cultures group.

“The listening circle, also sometimes referred to as the talking stick, circle way and more is an ideal way to connect with each other within a group or community.

Connection happens through listening and is the basis of respectful relationships. When we use a talking stick, a stone or a similar sacred item to pass around the circle we are reminded of this lost art of listening to the other while stilling our own minds.

Deep listening begs empathy and consideration. If we really listen with open hearts and open minds, others will be more inclined to speak their truth rather than attempt to manipulate the listener. This process can help shift our perspective and enable us to incorporate other ideas and solutions into our own without the ego constantly defending itself.

If we can listen to each other’s stories and weave new stories together we can resolve differences and have peaceful exchange and profound insights.

When we listen attentively, Truth speaks clearly.”

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