Introduction to Visioning Workshop


06 May 2021
19:30 - 20:30

This event was cancelled.



Training - Online

hosted by

Extinction Rebellion Midlands

❓ How can a visioning workshop benefit your region, county or local group?

🌼 Covid has had a devastating impact on groups across the movement

🌼 Now coming out of lock down is the time to re-connect and re – group

🌼 Our regenerative cycle – Dream, Plan, Do, Celebrate, Reflect

🌼 We need a vision for the future, a goal and a plan

🌼 The aim of a visioning workshop is to give each person in the group a chance to share their vision for their local XR group and to be an integral part of the planning and decision-making process.

🌼 Come along on Thursday to find out how this workshop can work for your group and develop the skills and confidence to run this inspiring workshop

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Read the Visioning Workshop script here

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