Intro to Regenerative Culture Workshop: Training of trainers


27 May 2019
18:30 - 20:30


4th floor, 184 Drummond Street London NW1 2HN

hosted by

Extinction Rebellion London

This is a workshop to prepare people to give the ‘Introduction to Regenerative Culture in XR’ workshop in local London groups and beyond.

It’s not mandatory to have attended the workshop, since we will run through the contents during this workshop, but it would be useful if you have.

Some useful requisites for giving this workshop would be:
– Having attended one of these workshops
– Experience facilitating sessions or workshops
– Understanding of and affinity for regenerative culture in XR and beyond
– Knowledge and/or experience of XR.
– Positive attitude, humility and calm demeanor/ability to affect this for an hour or so!
– Confidence/courage to hold a workshop for a group of rebels

Don’t be put off if you can’t tick all of these boxes.

Since the workshop involves lots of interaction between rebels, the facilitator doesn’t need to be an expert and it runs itself to an extent. You will have a script to use if you would like it and there is the possibility of partnering up with someone more experienced if you would like to.

If you can’t tick any of these boxes, please consider whether volunteering to give this workshop would be fair for the attendees and consider buddying up with a more experienced person. You are welcome to come to this session and possibly find a buddy, but do note that we won’t run the whole of the introduction workshop in this session, so if you just want to attend that, keep an eye out for one coming up!

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